Dessert DIY cake

Someone who understands 'the art of plating' is Andre Chiang, with this playful spin on a classic dessert and offers a sneak peak of things to come in our special edition charity coffee table book...Pre-order a copy now!

To find out more about our charity coffee table book, click here...   Ingredients  Hazelnut dacquoise  70g hazelnut meal  40g icing sugar 100g egg whites 25g sugar 35g icing sugar   Caramel ...

March 27, 2017

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Il Cioccolato

Heinz Beck gives you this recipes for a tasty chocolate dessert this Sunday...Enjoy!

Serves 12 Ingredients Milk foam 600ml milk 100g grue de cacao 25g glucose syrup Cocoa butter Guanaja dark chocolate (70%)   Creamy chocolate 250ml milk 250ml cream 80g egg yolks 70g sugar 5g gelatin 250g guanaja dark chocolate (70%)   Cocoa ...

March 26, 2017

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Ice plant glacier

Two-Michelin-starred chef Daniel Achilles of Berlin restaurant Reinstoff presents his coolest dessert...

Serves 4 Ingredients Glacier 750ml water 2 lemons 100g sugar 120g glucose syrup 80g trimoline 6 gelatine leaves 150g ice plant   Verbena sorbet 150g sugar syrup 100ml water 75g sugar 50g glucose syrup 150ml verbena juice 5 gelatine ...

March 25, 2017

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Raspberry cannelloni

Fresh and delicious, this recipe from David Everett-Matthews for raspberry cannelloni with anise hyssop cream, raspberry and anise hyssop sorbet, is the perfect pre-weekend treat...

This really is a composition of raspberry and you could add a raspberry mousse or parfait, or even both, if you wished. Raspberry marries well with anise hyssop, which is one of the ingredients that helps to colour absinthe. The herb has a wonderful minty flavour with a slight bitterness, so could be used to replace mint or eucalyptus in other recipes. Raspberries work well with burdock, liquorice root and rose so any of these could replace anise hyssop. You could of course use ...

March 23, 2017

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