Claudio Mengoni’s Cooked and Raw Vegetables with Porcini Ice Cream

Showcasing the best of Italy’s produce, the chef of Michelin-starred Borgo San Jacopo presents a colorful dish bursting with flavor, color and, of course, finesse.

Serves 4. Ingredients For the Raw Vegetables Belgian endive radish carrot courgette fennel For the Cooked Vegetables carrots fennel zucchini broccoli cauliflower snow peas radishes blanched in raspberry vinegar and preserved under vacuum with beetroot juice porcini mushrooms at 65°C in flavored oil chanterelle mushrooms at 65°C in flavored oil For the Pumpkin Purée 25g pumpkin 50g potatoes 1/2 sprig of thyme 1 clove of garlic white pepper extra virgin olive oil For the Porcini Mushroom Ice...

August 06, 2020

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Christian Sinicropi’s Royal King Prawns and Gamberoni

A celebration of Mediterranean produce, this seafood-centered dish by the chef behind 2-Michelin-starred La Palme d’Or in Cannes is perfect for a summer lunch.

Serves 10 Ingredients 20 gamberoni shrimps (8/10) 10 live langoustines (7/9) 10 mini yellow carrots 10 mini purple carrots 10 mini orange carrots 10 mini fennels 3 leaves of chard 10 fennel plants 10 baby squids 3 Spanish octopus tentacles cooked under vacuum 1 tsp of pastis 1 tsp black olive powder 1 tsp grey mullet roe Espelette pepper fleur de sel olive oil Method Wash all the mini vegetables and the chard leaves and cut the latter in to squares of 3 cm.  Set them aside on some paper towel. Peel the carrots...

July 24, 2020

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Tobias Bätz’s Aged Mangalitza Pork Neck with Hazelnut Cream and Sherry Gel

The chef behind 2-Michelin-starred Restaurant Alexander Herrmann at Posthotel Wirsberg gives the recipe to a delectable pork dish featuring hazelnuts, sherry, pickled peas, morrels and lardo.

For the Aged Mangalitza Pork Neck Ingredients 500g Mangalitza pork neck 1/4 bunch fresh marjoram 1/4 bunch fresh thyme salt ground black pepper hazelnut oil Method Cut the aged Mangalitza pork neck into 4cm pieces and season with salt and black pepper. Vacuum seal the pork with the herbs and hazelnut oil and cook in a waterbath for 25-30 minutes at 62° C. Remove from waterbath, unpack, pat dry and roast until crispy in a top heat BBQ at 800° C. For the Sherry Gel Ingredients 375ml sherry 25ml port wine reduction (125ml...

July 09, 2020

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Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani’s Risotto with Olive Oil, Shrimps and Oregano

Chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani of 2-Michelin-starred Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia give the recipe to their luscious risotto with Nocellara extra-virgin olive oil, Sanremo purple shrimps and Vendicari oregano. A true celebration of Italy’s finest produce!

Serves 4 Ingredients  For the Shrimp Sauce 12 Sanremo purple shrimp 120g cherry tomatoes 50g carrot 50g onion 1 clove of garlic 50g Nocellara extra-virgin olive oil 1L water 6g salt For the String Cherry Tomatoes 50 g Apulian string cherry tomatoes 1 Monterosso anchovy chopped and desalted 8 basil leaves salt For the Shrimp Marinade 12 shrimp tails 4g salt For the Risotto  200g Carnaroli Gran Riserva rice 20g Tropea spring onion chopped 30g chopped buffalo Burrata 20g desalted Pantelleria...

June 29, 2020

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