Rising Stars

Head Judge

Andrea Petrini

Chairman of World’s 50 Best, creative director of Cook it Raw and co-director of the food festival Paris des Chefs, is an influential master of fine-dining with a wealth of experience under his belt as a food writer.


Anna Morelli

Founder of Vandenberg Edizioni.

Severin Corti

Food editor and chief restaurant critic of Austria's Der Standard.

Mattias Kroon

Editor of Mat & Vänner food magazine, Sweden.

Head Judge

Mitchell Davis

Executive Vice President of the James Beard Foundation, America-born Mitchell Davis is an experienced food, restaurant and travel writer and cookbook author.


Bonnie Stern

Cookbook author and food personality.

Andrew Knowlton

Restaurant and drinks editor at Bon Appétit magazine.

Kate Krader

Restaurant Editor at Food & Wine Magazine.

Head Judge

Alexandra Forbes

Brazil-born food and travel writer who writes for numerous publications, including The World’s 50 Best and Folha de S.Paolo and is the food editor at GQ Brasil.


Marcela Baruch

Marcela is a globetrotting Uruguayan food and wine writer, restaurant critic and sommelier, whose work can be seen in Sommelier magazine in Peru, La Semana Vitivinícola in Spain, Travesías in Mexico, Obssession and Guia Terruño in Argentina, among others.

Ivanova Gambus

Museum director, cookbook author and member of the Gastronomy Academy in Venezuela.

Dr. Luiz Kimura

Hand surgeon and ever-travelling foodie.

Head Judge

Melinda Joe

Tokyo-based food, drinks and travel journalist, Melinda Joe writes for numerous publications, such as The Wall Street Journal and The Japan Times. Her experience as a journalist has seen her travel through culinary capitals around the world.


Izumi Shibata

Freelance food journalist and former editor of Senmon Ryori, Japan.

Michael Ryan

Chef, Provenance restaurant, Australia.

Poonperm Paitayawat

Food writer, The Skinny Bib and Wallpaper, Thailand.


  • Chefs must be aged 35 or under at the time the list was made (17 January 2014).
  • The chefs can work in someone else’s kitchen or his/her own restaurant, but must have been in the position less than five years.
  • Each chef must have been in the region they are working in for at least two years, but do not necessarily have to originate from the region.
  • Panellists must have visited restaurant within the last 12 months.
  • The Rising Stars’ shortlist is determined by a points scheme. The individual panellists determine each chef’s allocated points, which are accumulated to determine each Rising Star’s position. The finalists are the four chefs from each region’s with the highest points.

Point System

Each panelist submitted a list of their 10 Rising Star chefs, based on the following system:

  1. 10 points (Rising Star no1 position)
  2. 9 points
  3. 7 points
  4. 6 points
  5. 5 points
  6. 4 points
  7. 3 points
  8. 2 points
  9. 1 points