Your Hood, Your Way

16 Apr 2021
2 min read
Over the years kitchens have tremendously evolved, styles have come and gone, and more kitchen-focused companies have emerged. One thing that has remained constant through all of this is the quality of Rangecraft’s hoods.

Since 1972, Rangecraft has been producing top quality hoods for kitchens from New York to Montana. Throughout the years and its growth, the company has remained steadfast in staying true to its values, distinguishing itself with stunning designs and unmatched quality.

Offering clients the freedom to custom-design their hoods, Rangecraft never holds their clients to any limitations and encourages them to think outside the box. The goal is t o allow them to feel involved in the process, which in return will lead to a smile every time the client steps foot in their kitchen.

With Rangecraft, the design possibilities are endless – offering a wide variety of colours, finishes and shapes to choose from, the client can create the hood of their dreams. Standing by the motto of “Your Hood, Your Way” truly differentiates their products. Ultimately, Rangecraft’s creations can be considered a work of art, with every hood fabricated one at a time so that no two will ever be the same.

Using time-honoured techniques passed down over the years, Rangecraft showcases some of the finest craftsmanship from around the world. Some of their top designs are hand-formed, giving them an edge that is unachievable through moulds, casts, or any cookie-cutter style of manufacturing.

Like most premium products, Rangecraft’s reputation is not solely garnered by their aesthetics – their functionality is right on par. Listening to the wants and needs of their clients, Rangecraft has set the guidelines on creating a motor that is powerful yet quiet at the same time. Each hood is built specifically to allow for the optimal power for every individual. They are not simply made with the standard mechanics that can be universally used for any application, they are tailor-made to their clients’ needs. This is quality at the highest level.

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Image 1: Custom hi-riser curvette hood in a white powder-coated finish with brushed brass accents in a home in Sea Island, Georgia. Kitchen designed by Kitchens By Design. Photo by Deborah Scannell.
Image 2: Dual brushed brass cylinder style range hood in a Miami home. Interior design by Farache Bromberg.
Image 3: Hi-riser curvette hod in non-directional stainless and brass in a residence in Saddle River, New Jersey. Kitchen designed by Spaces of Distinction.