Hoods of the Highest Order

20 Jan 2021
2 min read
Since 1972, Rangecraft has specialised in the creation of custom-designed hoods for luxury kitchens. Fine in form and flawless in function, these hoods are the crowning glory of any kitchen.

Produced in the United States but available globally, Rangecraft provides beautifully designed, bespoke hoods for kitchens all over the world. With almost 50 years of experience in handcrafting custom hoods for residential kitchens, no task is too big or too small for the USA’s leading custom range hood manufacturer. If you can dream it, Rangecraft can build it!

Combining beauty with functionality, Rangecraft’s statement hoods are the focal point of any kitchen. Lustrous and eye-catching, each carefully made hood is a work of art that possess the “wow” factor – a guaranteed conversation starter.

The custom hoods come in an array of colors and metal types, so they can be suited to clients’ tastes and kitchen styles. From copper to brass, stainless steel, powder coated and blackened steel, there is a variety of metals and finishes to choose from. Each hood is made to order in the heart of New Jersey, and is perfectly tailored to individual preferences and specifications.

Using only the highest quality materials, the Rangecraft hoods are individually hand-fabricated by true artisans. With meticulous attention to detail present in every element, these premium hoods are a veritable showcase of the most superior craftmanship.

Timeless kitchen masterpieces that are not only aesthetically gorgeous, but are also durable, efficient and user-friendly, Rangecraft’s hoods are the ultimate kitchen embellishment. With endless design choices and a dedicated production team to bring the vision to life, each hood produced is an entirely unique piece of handicraft.

Entrusted by top chefs and celebrities such as Tiger Woods, Tina Fey and Vera Wang, Rangecraft has their hoods proudly installed in some notable kitchens. They are also the only hood manufacturer globally that has an exclusive license to use Swarovski® crystals, so it’s not by chance that their opulent and ever-glistening hoods are coined as “Jewellery for the Kitchen”.

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Image 1: kitchen in Manhattan Beach, California designed by Chateau 310.
Image 2: kitchen in Brooklyn, New York designed by Lux Kitchens.
Image 3: kitchen in Big Sky, Montana designed by Gallatin Valley Design Group.