Sip Sophistication: Île Four Sake

03 Feb 2021
2 min read
Leading an emerging trend in the beverage world, Île Four has worked for several years to modernize the image of an age-old drink: Sake. Using high quality ingredients and small-batch methods, the brand brings world-class Premium Sake to the global market.

Île Four’s recipe for its Sake rejuvenation centers around making this storied Japanese beverage more accessible and desirable than ever before. From using bold and modern designs for an instantly-recognizable brand to handcrafting a beautiful variety of Sake-based products with a competitive price tag, Île Four aims to make Sake as commonplace as a bottle of wine on the dinner table.

Still considered by many as an outdated hot drink that accompanies sushi, Sake has been long misunderstood in the West. Subtle and intriguingly complex, the flavors of true Premium Sake are unmistakable and are best savored served chilled. Perfect for cocktails and even better paired with food, this top-class Japanese tipple has a lower acidity than wines, negligible tannins or sulfites, and a moderate alcohol content, making it the ultimate all-rounder.

Île Four offers a clear, focused assortment of high-quality products as the ideal introduction to the world of Sake. Their three varieties of Premium Sake perfectly illustrate the different character levels of this intriguing drink while their beautiful Sparkling Sake, made with a second fermentation in the bottle from Île Four’s premium Junmai Sake, showcases the brew’s versatility.

Île Four’s vibrant Fruit Aperitifs, Momo, Ume and their signature, award-winning Yuzu, embody the same levels of quality and attention to detail as the traditional Sake products, but with a little added flair. A blend of subtle premium Sake and fragrant, exclusive, and expensive Japanese fruits, these aperitifs are delicious served over crushed ice or as part of an inventive cocktail as showcased by expert bartenders globally. For instance, Volker Seibert of Seibert’s Bar in Cologne has created a simply beautiful combination of Île Four Yuzu, homemade pineapple Tahiti rum and Champagne in his ‘Sakura Night’, and Lennart Patjens of Fontenay Bar in Hamburg just proposed the Hokkaido Sour, which combines Île Four Yuzu with Japanese Whisky, a Hokkaido Pumpkin Syrup, and egg white into an innovative variant of a classic.

The latest addition to Île Four’s product line is ‘The Distiller’. This unique creation takes the Sake production one step further by using the Sake-lees to distill an incredibly smooth and aromatic Shōchū akin to elegant European fruit and wine distillates. Enjoy this one on its own after a great meal, or in another mixology masterpiece. 

Read our interview with founder Carl Joachim Kock to discover more about Île Four and shop the products online to enjoy their top-notch Sake in the comfort of your home.


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