SanBrite Hosts Special Event Dedicated to the Discovery of the Origins of Cooking

20 Aug 2021
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Scheduled to take place from 10-13 September 2021, the 3-day event held by Michelin-starred Italian restaurant SanBrite will immerse guests in nature, taking them back in time to discover the origins of cooking. Guest chefs from across Europe, including Mikael Svensson of Kontrast, Jordan Bailey of Aimsir and Alessandro Gilmozzi of El Molin, will also take part in the event.

“To understand what we eat today we need to go back to the origins of everything,” this is the concept behind the first edition of Genesis Powered by Fideuram Private Banker. The event, conceived by Chef Riccardo Gaspari and Ludovica Rubbini, owners of the Michelin-starred restaurant SanBrite in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy, aims to explore the primordial origins of cooking through a culinary journey, from ingredients to table.

From Friday 10th to Monday 13th September 2021, food and wine enthusiasts will meet with an array of European chefs in the heart of Dolomite Alps to celebrate fine food, the land and the environment, savouring genuine flavours and living a unique sensorial experience.

“Genesis is my own desire as a chef,” says Riccardo Gaspari. “Since I chose this job, I’ve always been handling ingredients myself and I’m familiar with their taste and secrets and mostly I know how hard the land and the manufacturers work, especially my family, so we can taste all the flavours.”

“At the same time,” adds Ludovica Rubbini, “we  want to bring you into our daily life, in the same way we’re used to greeting our guests anytime they enter our restaurant in order to promote our land. To respect and care for everything around us, to bring it back at the centre of the creative, culinary and taste thinking”.

A homage to the land and the culinary arts, but also and especially an occasion to slow down and find ourselves, and at the same time tune into nature’s rhythm, learning to listen to it and to respect it. That is the purpose of Genisis.

“Seeing ourselves in Fideuram’s values, a company that for years has been truly dedicated to promote and support environmental sustainability, we are thrilled to sponsor the first edition of Genesis conceived by SanBrite’s owners Riccardo and Ludovica,” state Edoardo Bobba and Stefano Danieli of Fideuram Private Bankers. “We believe that combining environmental, social and governance aspects with our business model is essential to foster sustainable economic and social development, in addition to being of beneficial impact to clients’ financial assets. We reckon it’s essential to bring under the spotlight one of the most important international mountain destinations such as Cortina,” conclude Edoardo Bobba and Stefano Danieli.

Water, air, earth, fire: the four natural elements will be at the centre of the agenda, also thanks to the element sponsors who strongly believe in the event’s first edition. First SanBrite restaurant which represents the fire element, from where it all started. To follow is Parmigiano Reggiano whose products – aged in specific rooms with an air control system – will be used in the chefs’ own creations, together with Felicetti pasta cooked in water from the surrounding woodlands’ spring waters. Diotisalvi wines, originating from the same part of the earth where the Dolomite Alps are, will accompany the dishes.

Throughout the three days, guests will be encouraged to turn off their phones and live moving experiences perfectly tuned into the Alpine landscape. From sunrise yoga to e-bike tours, from a performance by artist Stefano Ogliari Badessi (SOB) curated by Irene Baselli to the Seedlip masterclass with Ben Branson and, in addition, from the workshop at the Piccolo Brite cheese factory to the foraging class with expert Valeria Mosca, to the key moment: sleeping in previously heated tents and dinner around the fire with chef Davide Di Fabio (Dalla Gioconda, Gabicce Mare), Franco Aliberti (Anima, Milano) and Riccardo Gaspari.

For the occasion, European and Italian chefs will be taking turns to host four-handed and six-handed events. To open the event on the evening of Friday 10th will be Valerio Serino (Tèrra, Copenhagen – Denmark) and Mikael Svensson (Kontrast, Oslo – Norway). Saturday’s lunch will be the turn of Alessandro Gilmozzi (El Molin, Cavalese –  Italy) to who will follow Jordan Bailey (Aimsir, County Kildare – Ireland) together with Riccardo Gaspari; while the Sunday lunch in nature will be hosted by Chita Pelazzi, Sara Nicolosi and Cinzia De Lauri (Altatto, Milano). After a good night’s sleep in their tents, the guests will start the day with breakfast by Stefano Ferraro (Loste Cafè, Milano).

Adventure, respect for the Earth and fine dining will be the main ingredients in Genesis Powered by Fideuram Private Banker.


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Images © in order of appearance: Stefania Giorgi; Lenny; Stefania Giorgi; Lenny; Michiel Ronde