With sustainability at its centre, SwaSwara goes far beyond the realms of being just a spa. It’s a stunning sustainable wellness retreat offering a unique combination of Ayurveda and Yoga,set amongst the truly sublime backdrop of the Om beach in Gorkarna.
Visitors can enjoy a number of holistic experiences – ranging from hilltop meditation in the mountains to rejuvenating hydro therapy, locally-sourced produce and expert guided coaching from a team of chefs, doctors, therapists, artists, assistants and more.
Its goal? To offer a life plan for the ‘reconstruction’ of mind and body to bring about balance and harmony within – and to do so in an eco-friendly manner.
Focused on ecology, community and culture, the retreat aims to offer an authentic experience that benefits the land it is situated within. Here’s how:

1 Rain water goes a long way
Water is a scarcity in the region, so SwaSwara has taken to harvesting rain water to reduce their burden on the environment and improve their self-sufficiency.

The harvesting system is designed as a large lake that can hold up to 18 million litres of water collected during Monsoon season. The lake also contains several species of fish which cleverly keep the lake naturally clean, whilst water is purified to make it drinkable for guests.

2 Incorporating local wisdom
Many of the staff come from the local communities in and around Gorkarna. It is a bond that goes beyond employment, becoming a give and take of wisdom, inspiration and a sharing of perspectives

3 Caring for the surroundings
Dedicated to the wellbeing of the environment, SwaSwara treat and re-use waste water for their gardens, flower beds and farm.

Kitchen waste is turned into bio gas used for cooking and organic fertilisers to ensure everything is recycled.

4 Local flavours & heritage
The recipes at the SwaSwara kitchen draw on the food habits and styles of the local community using ingredients from the sites own farm, and the local community.

Free of processed foods, refined sugar and wheat, the devotion to local gives birth to a cuisine that is unique and earthy as it is wholesome and delicious.

5 Giving back
SwaSwara have instituted many community programmes that support local schools and guide self help groups towards more gainful small enterprise.

A blend of luxury healing and a responsible ethos, SwaSwara is the ideal destination for the conscious traveler looking to enjoy the world’s most incredible destinations an environmentally-friendly way.

 Starting at 5 nights and going up to 21 nights, SwaSwara offers a variety of programmes. To find out more and start the adventure, please click here