Yemaya Tea

It’s time for tea! And not just any tea. FOUR tests out a few of the finest leaves from the latest luxury tea company on the block – Yemaya Tea.

When you name your company after an African goddess of the sea you automatically imply that whatever it is you have on offer is beyond mortal realms in terms of taste. Just one of the reasons why we wasted no time shipping a box of Yemaya luxury teas into the FOUR office for a taste test! The other, its inviting array of teas; with four different collections, including Bonbons de Thé Peurh, Chocothé, Thé a Moi and Elixirs, it’s fair to say that most of our afternoons for the past month have been spent labouring over the kettle and tea cups in the FOUR kitchen, carrying out the arduous task of tea-making, in order to try out each of the tea leaves Yemaya has to offer.

But now our tasting has finally been completed and the office is void of all that is Yemaya, we have an even greater problem on our hands: how will we satisfy our newly developed afternoon Yemaya tea callings?While we figure it out, read on to be imparted with the knowledge of our taste findings, and a few of the health benefits of drinking Yemaya tea…

BLACK PUERH Part of Yemaya tea’s Bonbons de Thé Peurh collection, Black Puerh or Roasted Puerh has a full-bodied, smooth and slightly smoked flavour from the unique fermentation process used during its production. As well as taste, it has added health benefits which include immune system boosting, anti-infective and cholesterol lowering properties.


Also part of the Bonbons de Thé Peurh collection, Green Puerh (Sheng Cha) or Raw Puerh is has a rich, spiced flavour which changes slightly as time goes on. Health benefits include natural “fat-burning” properties.


Purple Puerh is a rich yet mild tea. It has not a hint of bitterness and, being rich in in Anthocyanins and Flavonoids, it is known for its powerful antioxidant properties.


Pure white tea buds, unprocessed, delicately dried for an intense, deep flavour, which resembles the richness of chocolate. The lack of processing means this tea contain even higher levels of polyphenols, flavonols, and vitamin C and E, known to be excellent antioxidants.


Black Chocothé has a surprising flavour. It sits somewhere between Oolong and Black Tea and gives off a slightly fruity note to finish.


All of the teas in Yemaya’s Elixir collection come packaged in a beautiful flower bag, to aid perfect infusion. The collection includes: Jasmine, with its bewitching scent and sedative properties, known as the perfect remedy for headaches and poor blood circulation; Lys, a lily flower, with a spiced flavour and unique colour, traditionally known for its calming effect on the nervous system and recommended in treating anxiety and insomnia and Roselle, made from dried Roselle flowers. Roselle flower’s blossoms open at dawn and fall at dusk and when dried create a full and fruity flavoured tea which can be served hot or with ice as an iced tea

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