World Gin Day cocktails

09 Jun 2016
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Celebrate World Gin Day on 11th June by trying these tasty cocktail recipes from Gin Mare. Who would have thought gin and basil were the perfect partners?

gin and basil were the perfect partners? Gin Mare have created these delicious basil cocktails, perfect for your alfresco dining feature.Using the fresh tastes of basil and citrus, meddled with the premium Mediterranean flavours of Gin Mare. Four unique savoury botanicals, olive, thyme, basil and rosemary help to create a really unique flavour.

Please find cocktails below and do let me know whether you would like high res images. Thought these could work well for your recipe or wine & spirit pages.

Gin basil smash


5 basil leaves

2 lemon slices

50ml Gin Mare

25ml sugar syrup

Basil leaf, garnish


In a cocktail shaker muddle together 5 basil leaves and a few lemon slices, add 50ml of Gin Mare and 25ml to 30ml of sugar syrup depending on the preferred sweetness. Shake well with ice, strain and serve into your favourite glass. Simply decorate with a Basil leaf.



5 basil leaves

3 slices lime

3 slices lemon

3 slices orange

25ml Gin Mare

15ml sugar syrup

Pinch cayenne pepper

Tonic 1724


In a tall glass muddle together 5 leaves of fresh basil and 3 slices of lime, lemon and orange, 25ml of Gin Mare and 15ml of sugar syrup. Add a pinch of Cayenne pepper to invigorate, complete with crushed ice, stir from the base to the top, and finish with Tonic 1724. The Mojiterraneo is a freshness like no other.