Wolfgang Hofmann, Connoisseur of Cuisine

17 May 2014
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On-board Europa 2 cruise for the coming 12 days will be Wolfgang Hofmann, cheese connoisseur, to teach guests the finest cheese secrets….

Wolfgang Hofmann will be Connoisseur of Cuisine on theEUROPA2 cruise from Lisbon via Bilbao, St. Jean de Luz, Bordeaux, Le Palais, St. Peter Port, St. Malo, Honfleur, Antwerp and Amsterdam to Hamburg,26May 2014till7June 2014(12 days).

On board, Hofmann will give workshops in which the guests experience the harmony of cheese and wine. The participants will taste cheese made by the best producers of Europe. With it, corresponding wines will be served and Hofmann reveals some well kept secrets and backgrounds about fine cheese. Additionally, Hofmann will teach about the discovery of cheese in the stone age, the further development through the Greeks and the Romans and up until today.

Other highlights of the cruise include visits to…
* The castles on the Loire.
* Nature: the verdant Channel Islands of Sark and Guernsey.
* UNESCO World Heritage Site: the rock island of Mont Saint-Michel.
* Artistic discoveries: on Rubens’ trail in Antwerp.

Wolfgang Hofmann

Wolfgang Hofmann is owner of the “Tölzer Kasladen” in Bad Tölz in the very South of Germany. In his special cheese rooms, he refines more than 100 handmade cheese from ten European countries. Hofmann supplies luxury hotels and high class restaurants in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands as well as the VIP area of the Formula 1 events.
In 1985, a year after his apprenticeship as a chef, Wolfgang Hofmann completed an additional apprenticeship as a fromager. His teacher was his father Wolfgang Hofmann senior. Since 1999, Wolfgang Hofmann runs the “Tölzer Kasladen” and passes on his knowledge in presentations and tastings. In 2003, the company moved to a larger location and within this process, the traditional company received a new, modern face. Customers now get the chance to have a look behind the scenes of the cheese making process. Since this time, Hofmann also is a member of the jury of “Concours Général”.
More information on the cruise can be found athl-cruises.com.