Wine, Perfectly Chilled

03 May 2021
2 min read
Dutch brand WINECHILL is changing the wine cooling game. A part of A-Trading Company, WINECHILL was founded by wine lovers, for wine lovers. Since its introduction, WINECHILL has brought the best wine accessories to the tables of oenophiles around the globe. 

Dedicated to offering innovative, functional and design-centred accessories for wine lovers, WINECHILL is always on the lookout for new, must-have products. Keeping a close eye on the developments in the field of wine accessories, WINECHILL delivers the latest trend-based products to their clients to maximise the enjoyment of wine drinking.

Some of the products introduced by A-Trading Company include their flagship wine chiller, which keeps wines and spirits at the perfect temperature without the messiness and unreliability of an ice bucket. A-Trading Company is also the exclusive distributor of the American brand Air Cork – a standout wine preserver – in the Benelux countries.


The temperature at which a wine is served is of prime importance. Wine served too cold will lose its taste and aroma. Wine served too warm will leave only the taste of alcohol on the palate. Thus WINECHILL, the designer wine chiller, is a must-have for wine lovers who appreciate a good glass of wine at the perfect temperature. Forget the cumbersome wine buckets or inefficient cooling sleeves, WINECHILL is the best, most effective solution that cools wine in style.

It’s easy – place the stainless steel WINECHILL in the freezer for 2 or more hours, pour off enough wine to allow the WINECHILL to be inserted into your bottle and let it do its magic. WINECHILL will cool reds to room temperature in 15 minutes and can keep whites perfectly chilled for up to an hour. Pour your wine through the pourer – which has a built-in aerator – and enjoy your glass of wine at its ideal temperature, time after time.


Wine accessories are the perfect addition to any wine lover’s collection, making it a surefire gift for colleagues, friends or family. Wine is consumed year-round, so WINECHILL is a stress-free, practical and stylish gift for that reception, birthday or dinner party!

Customising gifts is simple with WINECHILL. Starting from 24 pieces, a full-colour company logo can be placed on the designer wine stopper. And starting from 1000 pieces, the design of the luxury packaging box can be custom-made. Bespoke engraving is also available from 1 piece, making the ability to customise the WINECHILL truly endless. Promoting your business and increasing brand awareness has never been more stylish! Find out more about custom gifting here.


Sommeliers and fine restaurants worldwide take great pride in the care of fine wines. Wines are kept in special wine refrigerators to maintain their ideal serving temperature. When wines are removed from these fridges and placed in ice buckets tableside, much of this effort is wasted as the wine’s temperatures drop significantly, causing the wine to lose its taste and aroma.

WINECHILL ensures that guests get the most enjoyment from their wine-drinking experience. This includes never having to deal with awkward ice buckets, dripping bottles or incorrectly chilled wines. By using the WINECHILL, space in the freezer will be saved and valuable ice can be kept for drinks and not wasted in ice buckets. This is both cost-effective and kinder to the planet.

The WINECHILL Coolbox designed especially for hotels, restaurants and bars consists of 12 WINECHILL products packed in a handy freezer box for space-saving storage. The Coolbox comes in 3 different sizes and is ideal to bring to events like wine tastings so guests can be served wine at the perfect temperature on location. The WINECHILL remains frozen for at least 8 hours, and is washable and reusable.

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