Whisky Pairings | Part One

29 Sep 2016
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Over the next four weeks Beam Brand Ambassador Jens Rosenberg, have teamed up with Aqua’s sommelier Marcel Runge, to pair Sven Elverfeld’s three-Michelin-star cuisine with Scotland’s finest drams, to show you why makes whisky such an ideal pairing with food…

For the tasting it is advisable to start with a small sample taster in order to make the palate and the tongue familiar with what’s to come. The so-called nosing glasses (a tulip-shaped stemware glass) are ideal for discovering the initial aromas when smelling the whisky. It’s possible that certain images and memories appear before the mind’s eye that are associated with these aromas. This heightens the anticipation and makes the prospect of soon having a little sip and then feel the taste on the tongue even more enjoyable. It’s best to keep the whisky on the tongue a little longer, like with a good wine. The first impression from the aromas in the nose, the taste and also the aftertaste in the final note can in fact vary considerably.

Do take your time because the whisky in front of you has waited years, if not decades, for this very moment!


12 YO 40% VOL

The mild crème brûlée aromas of the Auchentoshan are ideally complemented by the iced coffee while the strong foie gras with its creamy taste harmonises with the whisky’s soft aromas of citrus and tangerine. Raisins and yogurt form wonderful aromas of fruit compote, while the whisky is discreet, dry and elegant with a hint of ginger in the final note.

Paired with |Foie gras & iced coffee frappe

Raisins, pecan nut, capers, sansho pepper & Greek yogurt