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02 Feb 2014
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German high-quality kitchen appliances giants, Gaggenau present award-winning chef Daniel Boulud and his international gourmet empire inspired by French culture.

New York/Munich, February 2014: Daniel Boulud is a star chef, food connoisseur and multi-faceted restaurateur devoted to fine cuisine. From his three Michelin star flagship restaurantDanielon Manhattan’s Upper East Side, he runs aninternational gourmet empire with a number of additional branches in the US, plus outposts in Canada, Asia and Europe. Inspired by his French origins, DanielBoulud is known for his light haute cuisine fare that is influenced by Americancooking and seasonal accents.

Daniel Boulud

Raised near Lyon, itself a centre of fine cuisine with numerous award-winning restaurants, on his family farm in the village of Saint-Pierre-de-Chandieu, DanielBoulud began his chef training at the tender age of 14. He has worked under a number of star chefs and early in his career he had the privilege of working under PaulBocuse, one of the top chefs of the 20thcentury.
Chef Boulud, who has lived in the US for more than three decades, is both a celebrity and a leading authority on cooking in general. The various international awards he has won, plus his restaurants in Toronto, Montreal, Singapore, Beijing and London, have earned him international fame.

The Boulud Empire

In order for chef Boulud’s 15 restaurants around the world to meet his uncompromising standards of excellent service, quality ingredients and consistent cuisine, a tightly run ship, a highly capable team and quality equipment are indispensable. Daniel Boulud and his management team, the Dinex Group, supervise a worldwide team. Although chef Boulud travels often, heis frequently to be found atDaniel, his three Michelin star flagship restaurant on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.


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