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10 Sep 2015
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Chef James Lowe will be hosting an exclusive event this month with Crane Cookware and Very Good & Proper at his restaurant Lyle’s, London for the London Design Festival. Sophie Cater had a sneak preview and gives you the low down…

A one-off installation, this event is thecoming together of design fiends and a rising star in the culinary world.James Lowe, executive chef at Lyle’s in east London will be playinghost to Crane Cookeware’s cast iron pans and Very Good & Proper’s simple andlinear table and chairs.From the 22to the 24September guests (with pre-booked tickets) will have the chance to sit at atable with 10 people who they may not know and tuck into a shared meal, cooked and presented in Crane’s cast iron pans. The table will adorned withplates by Owen Wall and ceramicist Skye Corewijn, and decorated with seasonal flowers fromElectric Daisy Flower Farm. A culinary experience as much a design one, the menu (below) encompasses chef James Lowe’s ethos that holds locally and sustainably-sourced products at its forefront.

Date & Time|22-24 September 2015

Cost| £29 per head for lunch and £44 per head for dinner

Booking info| Bookings can be made now through Lyle’s on 020 3011 5911. Phone reservations only.

Location| Lyle’s, Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JJ

London Design Festival |​www.londondesignfestival.com

The menu at Lyles,by James Lowe

Sourdough and butter |Soft sourdough, baked and presented in Crane’s cast iron pot with bright yellow butter.

Mussels and fennel |Simple yet powerful, the mussels bathe in a sauce of white wine and fennel in a Crane cast iron pot.

Chanterelles, Burford brown eggs and ramsons | A Crane pan houses bright orange egg yolks, surrounded by the large whites, which are peppered with fresh chanterelles, ramsons (or wild garlic) and rocket.

Hereford T-bone and sweetcorn | The huge, juicy t-bone arrives already cut to serve, with honey-butter sweetcorn and a parmesan and lettuce salad, and a light jus. The meat can be cut with a spoon and is chard on the outside, giving a smoky and deep flavour.

Brighton Belle plum crumble and ice cream |A perfect plum-to-crumble ratio, with the oaty and crunchy topping sitting ontop of soft and juicy plums, accompanied by vanilla ice cream. A comfort food, made exceptional.


Tell us a bit about what you will be doing the London Design Festivaland your collaboration with James Lowe at Lyle’s restaurant…

Using Crane pans to prepare and serve the meal, James will be creating a special menu on a bespoke table designed by Very Good & Proper table, shared communally by up to 10 people at each service. Ceramics will be created byOwen WallandSkye Corewijn, with seasonal flowers fromHattie’s Flower Shop. The special service will be available for lunch and dinner on Tuesday 22nd September; lunch and dinner on Wednesday 23rd September, and the final lunch on Thursday 24th September

When it comes to designing cookware, what are the most common design considerations that need to be taken into consideration?

The range is made using sand-cast iron which is a heavy material – the handles have been designed to be give a very firm hand hold. The diameter of the frying pan, low casserole and large casserole are the same, enabling one lid to fit all. There are many considerations such as volume/sizeing, heat distribution, handling, ease of enamelling, mould making etc. contraction/expansion. The undersides of the pans have .5mm concavity which means when hot they become perfectly flat giving overall contact with the cooking surface.

Do you have a signature design style that is apparent in all of yourproducts?

We try to make useful objects which are designed and made to stand the test of time. We aim to keep things simple so they can exist alongside other products without dominating them and help to give a good atmosphere.

Where do you get your inspiration for your creative designs from?

Just by looking around us and trying to understand what’s good or not, what kind of things might be useful or can be improved…

Find out more atcranecookware.com.

Dish images and words by Sophie Cater