With 7 restaurants in Kyoto gleaming with 3 Michelin stars already, will there be room for more?

“One restaurant I’d love to see move from 2 stars to 3 stars is Miyamasou, a ryokan located outside of Kyoto city, where the chef hunts and forages much of his produce. It’s simply marvelous.”

Who have you got your eyes on to clinch a star?

“Restaurant Kiln and its chef, Masayo Funakoshi, is certainly doing well, although it may be a bit too casual to get picked up by Michelin. This chef is certainly one to watch.”

Who do you think will certainly keep their stars?

“As far as restaurants that will probably keep their stars, I believe the big ones will remain (Kitcho, Kikunoi, Hyotei, Ogata, Chihana, Nakamura).”

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