What will be in store for the Michelin 2016 guide NYC?

24 Sep 2015
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After last year’s 10th anniversary NYC Michelin Guide revealed some exciting and some surprising results such as Daniel Boulud losing a star, Brooklyn rising up to the top of the foodie scene and Emma Bengtsson, from Aquavit becoming NYC’s first female chef to be awarded 2 stars, we are on the edge of our seats in anticipation for this years results. FOUR asks NYC insider, Jay Cheshes, on what he thinks we should be expecting…
New York City 2016

Do you think there will be any major changesin the new 2016 Michelin Guide?

I’d be surprised to see a new addition to the three star club in New York, although Michelin might make Daniel Boulud whole again, restoring the third star they stripped away last year (I‘m sure he’s been suitably humbled) There’s not much else new in the city that rises to that ultimate level. If any place has a shot at it, maybe it’s the new Momofuku Ko.

Who do you think might be in with a good chance of rising up the ranks this year?

I can certainly picture a number of new promotions to a second star. Betony deserves the bump, and maybe Carbone and the Nomad. And early word on Ronny Emborg’s food at Atera makes the restaurant a good bet for keeping its second star.

What other additionsdo you think we should be looking out for in the new guide?

There were some glaring omissions in last year’s guide. Where’s Estela’s Michelin star? Or Contra’s? And maybe Sushi Nakazawa (four stars from the Times) will actually make it into the guide this year.

The official release date of the 2016 Michelin Guide New York Cityis 30/09/15 butto keep up to date with the upcoming Michelin Guide release clickhere…

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