What is perfection?

20 Jan 2015
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A new film from the Netherlands goes inside the life and mind of Sergio Herman, the former Chef & owner of Oud Sluis.

What is perfection?
How do you achieve it?
When do you know if you’ve made it or not?

The pressure of working in and running a 3 Michelin Star restaurant, is not something that many people in the world understand. The stress, the pain, the emotional toll that it takes on a human body, family and personal life can be and is extreme. No one feels this more perhaps than Sergio Herman, the former owner of Oud Sluis in The Netherlands.

A new feature documentary takes a look at why he decided to close his Michelin-starred restaurant in order to pursue his own dreams and philosophy of what perfection is.

As production company TrueWorksdescribes it,Fucking Perfect,scheduled for February, is “a revealing story about perfection, ambition and sacrifices.” Here is a clip where Chef Herman does plenty of shouting and cursing and talks about how working 20 hour days has affected his personal and family life, all in the name of perfection.