Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam’s Vault Bar Unveils Rare Whiskies

24 Jan 2020
2 min read
The intimate and atmospheric Vault Bar, housed in the original vault of the longstanding MeesPierson bank, has elevated its already unique experience even further by serving some of the world’s most exclusive Single Malt whiskies.

The Vault Bar at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam on Herengracht 548 has been unlocked to present some of the most globally-revered single malt Scottish whiskies: the superior and extremely rare The Dalmore 40YO 42% ABV and Port Ellen 39 years Untold Stories. Due to its sought-after yet scarce nature, the collection is normally restricted to whisky collectors and investors only. Yet, at the Vault Bar, these exceptional whiskies are now served by the glass. A unique opportunity for connoisseurs and enthusiasts to enjoy this sublime, aged single malt Scottish whisky in a fitting ambiance.

The Dalmore Flagship

The Vault Bar has been selected as the only The Dalmore flagship whisky bar in the Netherlands, making it the sole location nationwide where these superior aged malts are served by the glass. The Dalmore treasures these increasingly scarce aged whiskies — between 25 and 50 years — and possesses the oldest collection in the Scottish Highlands. The very finest whisky in its collection is The Dalmore 40YO 42% ABV. A great masterpiece according to Richard Paterson, the world-renowned Master Blender and “nose” of The Dalmore, describing it as “A tapestry of tantalizing delight!”

The particular maturation in its unique barrels gives this extraordinarily smooth whisky its many complex layers. For those not (yet) ready for this exclusive 40-year-old Dalmore, there are appealing alternatives, such as a Dalmore whisky flight (70 euro), containing a 12YO, cigar malt & King Alexander III. There is also opportunity to book a private masterclass, including a whisky flight and food pairing.

Port Ellen Untold Stories

Port Ellen is one of the most prestigious “ghost distilleries”: distilleries that have ceased to produce and therefore sell an increasingly rare collection of whiskies. This legendary distillery on the Scottish island of Islay created its last whisky in 1983. Well known amongst enthusiasts, collectors and investors, Port Ellen whisky continues to grow in demand as its supply diminishes. Their Untold Stories collection is one of their most exclusive — this Spirit Safe limited-edition series centres on the illustrious past of this mythical distillery.

The masterful technique in which the fluids are separated after distilling is what makes this series so extraordinary and what brings the whisky its excellent quality. With only 1500 bottles available worldwide, connoisseurs will recognize Port Ellen 39 years Untold Stories as a complex single malt whisky, both lively and elegant. The Vault Bar was able to secure three of the last bottles on earth for a match made in heaven: this whisky’s packaging is that of a vault, only able to be unlocked by two unique keys.

These unique whiskies can be relished by the glass while this exclusive stock lasts. For more information and reservations, please contact Waldorf Astoria here.