The project hires local restaurants with atmosphere to host themed dinners for one night only. One of the more popular nights are his roast dinners for families. Hypebeast Eats recently caught up with him at his London eatery Superette Pop-Up to make some Sushi Sliders. If you’d like to try to make them for yourself from the comfort of your own kitchen, here’s how:

1. Blanch and refresh kale

2. Mix corn flour, plain flour, sparkling water and ice, then whisk to form a batter

3. Coat kale in the tempura batter and deep fry until golden and crispy

4. Slice sashimi-grade tuna and marinate in sesame oil

5. Mix Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise and wasabi and put into your dispenser of choice

6. Slice spring onions and finely chop chives

7. Place tuna on kale tempura crisps and dress with Kewpie wasabi mayo.

8. Garnish with tobiko, ginger, spring onions, chives, flowers and smoked salt


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