Video | Jiro Ono and René Redzepi Have a Cup of Tea

16 Apr 2015
2 min read
Tea for two of the world’s best – Award-winning Rene Redzepi talks to sushi legend Jiro Ono

In this video by, we see 90year-old Jiro Ono, considered to be the world’s greatest sushi chef, and chef ReneRedzepi from Noma, rated as the top restaurant in the world, get together for a little tea and somelife lessons.

This great conversation between two masters of their craft, offers us an insight into food, life and what it takes to get to the top. The sushi legend, famed for his 3 Michelin star, 10-seat, sushi restaurant located in a Tokyo subway station, became the first of its kind to recieve such status. In the video he discusses the basic importance of liking your job and how in order to keep future progressalive, we need to be more hands on with our work. In an almost star struck fashion, Redzepi describes Ono as a national living treasure and asks whether he can offer an advice to all the young, ambitious chefs out there, who are finding their way within the profession. With a simple mantra he believes that “if you don’t learn to love your work and remind your brain to make new steps every day, there can be noprogress”.

During their intimate chat, Ono tells Redzepi that he thinks that finding the balance between tradition and innovation, “is good if what it creates is tastier that what existed before. If it looks good but the taste is degraded, it won’t endure”. Being the best you can be, andbetter than what came before is an important message hereand after sampling some of Jiro’s award-winning sushi, there seems to be no doubting this philosophy. Jiro’s modest conviction is confimed when he humbly declares that it took him 50 years untilhe considered himself a master, stating that it’s not before a lot of failures that “you have achieved what you had in mind in the first place”.

This 12min video is worth a watch and definitely giving us craving to visit Jiro’s sushi counter.

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