VIDEO | At Home With The Smart Sous-Vide

21 May 2014
< 1 min read
Cook Mellow have come up with an smart, simple and accessible way of bringing the fine-dining technique to your home…

“Mellow: the world’s first smart sous-vide machine.” Thissentence gives you everything you need to be convinced that this is an ingenious invention for all you homecooks out there.

Here are just a few of its features:

  • Controlled entirely through your smartphone, Mellow has no screen and no buttons. Everything it does comes from an order you give through our iPhone or Android device. Cooks and cools your food.
  • With an in-builtrefrigeration system, it’s capable of keeping food fresh until it’s the exact time to start cooking. Load it up at breakfast; come home to great food at dinnertime.

  • Because Mellow has cooling and remote control built-in, it can speed up or delay cooking according to your desires. If you’re running an hour late for dinner, just give Mellow a heads-up and it’ll make sure your food peaks at the right time.

  • Prepare up to 6 portions of food at once, to create your home-cooked fine-dining party

We know, it’s pretty wonderful,right? Pre-order your Mellow, for thereduced retail price of $400.