Utterly Organic at Ängavallen

21 Feb 2018
3 min read
At Ängavallen living organically from farm to fork is neither strange nor new. They’ve been doing it for decades and it simply entails recognizing that the natural environment is a wonderfully balanced, robust and sustainable whole.

Everything that is served at Ängavallen is prepared from 100 percent organic raw materials from their own farm. What they can’t produce themselves such as tea, coffee, beer and wine, they buy in. But, naturally, they are organic too. They never compromise on their conviction that the best food is made from the best organic raw materials. Not because it is an end in itself, but quite simply because it produces both more nutritious and tastier food, whether you eat it in the restaurant, in the park or buy it in the shop.


Ängavallens hälsodjur – Organic meat from cattle, sheep and pigs

At Ängavallen they live according to the motto “from farm to fork”. This means that all pork, lamb and beef as well as all cured meats come from the farm’s own HälsoDjur® and are sold under the registered trademarks HälsoGris® (pork), HälsoKalv (veal), HälsoLamm (lamb) and HälsoOx (beef). Original, native breeds (Swedish Red Poll cattle, Swedish Forest Sheep, Linderöd pigs) that have roamed freely under the open sky and that have lived a good life and have been reared on the farm’s vegetable fodder, which is organically grown and naturally fertilized. The animals have not been given any medicines and they are slaughtered on the farm, in a dignified manner and entirely stress-free. You can therefore always be sure that the food at Ängavallen is prepared using the best possible, entirely natural raw materials.


100 % organic cultivation on our own farm

All cultivation at Ängavallen is 100 percent organic. This means that they do not use artificial fertilizers, pesticides or other chemical additives. Everything is permitted to grow as nature intended. The crops consist of old, native varieties that have adapted to the local climate and type of soil over the decades. Resistant varieties that grow healthily. These varieties grow more slowly than modern varieties, but in return they provide more taste. In the park they grow green and white asparagus, purple cabbage, turnips, parsley root, parsnips, various kinds of carrots and beetroots, garden cress, sweet corn, onions, squash and pumpkin. As well as gooseberries, currants (white, red and blackcurrants), bilberries, raspberries, quinces, peaches, apricots, plums, rhubarb, raspberries, apples and pears. Moreover all the herbs that are used in cooking are grown on the farm.


What we purchase is also 100 % organic

As much as we would like to, we can’t grow and rear everything at Ängavallen, but have to establish reliable contacts all over the world. As far as possible we stay within 20 kilometres of Ängavallen when it comes to supplementing the products we otherwise grow ourselves. If we need to look further than this then we go without and find something else to serve. However, when it comes in particular to drinks of various kinds, we have to go further afield. What all our collaborative partners have in common is that they are certified and the products we buy are as uncompromisingly organic as those we grow ourselves. Our extraordinary wine cellar is strictly organic and varies depending on which wines we can buy in.


Their organic convictions apply in the restaurant as well as in the shop, the dairy and the bakery. At Ängavallen they can guarantee that all products are free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and chemicals, as they produce everything them selves, from farm to fork. Even the fodder that the cows, sheep and pigs eat comes from their own crops. Ängavallen does not compromise and therefore does not permit any exceptions. That means that the farm is set higher requirements than the Krav eco-labelling scheme.

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