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01 Sep 2015
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Italy is a breath-taking country filled with history, culture and tradition with arguably its defining characteristic being its food. The pastas, sauces and luxurious wines are a delight wherever you visit, though you may not realise just the variety that regional Italy has to offer. You may have ‘eaten Italian’, but what about Sicilian, Sardinian or Tuscan? FOUR finds out how Tuscany Now are making this easier for you to get to grips with…
Italian Wine and food pairing

No matter where you are in Italy, you won’t be far from a vineyard. Often passed down from generation to generation, the owners are usually more than happy to tell you about the exemplary care and attention they give throughout the winemaking process. After all, what works in the mountains of Liguria isn’t best for the grapes grown down in Sicily.

Across 20 regions and thousands of years, Italy has become the home of some of the world’s most exquisite wines, with over 2,000 different types being registered. That can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned sommelier, which is why Tuscany Now have made a new pairing tool. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore rich cuisine and find out which wines to match with your local dishes. Get your family over to enjoy an authentic Italian dinner party, with everything from cheeses and soups to succulent lamb and sausages.

The tool offers the wines of 20 regions, including the blend of blackcurrant and chocolate from the Aglianico del Vulture to the aromas of lemon and herb from the Cinque Terre.

For a quick taster, we’ve got four regional wines below and localdishes that traditionally accompany them. Try them at home with your family and loved ones!

Featured regions, wines and foods

North |Valle d’Aosta with zuppetta di cogne, a traditional bread and cheese soup of the Northern region of Italy. Eaten alongside the pale yellow Pinot Grigio with golden flecks, this iswhite hasa bouquet of pear, melon and acacia notes and produces a dry, fresh taste to accompany the light soup dish.

Central |Abruzzo with arrosticini abruzzesi. This dish is typical of this area and makes use of the local lamb that is a speciality to this region. Drank alonside the Abruzzo with itsfullbodyandjuicy flavours of cherry, chocolate and spice, the strong berry notes compliment both the meat and wild mountain herbs in this dish.

South |Basilicata with orecchiette alla potentina, atraditional Sunday dish from Potenza, the regional capital. This dish ofpasta with a rich and spicy meatball sauce is well matched with the deep red Basilicata wine. With notes of damson, pepper and wild herbs thiswine isfull bodied and full of liquorice to offset the fat of the meat.

Sardinia | Vermentino di Gallurawith fregola e frutti di mare. This dish is aspeciality of Sardinia and comprise of smallpasta ballscombined with a rich seafood sauce. A perfect compliment to thecitrus aroma and a soft, peppery finish of this white wine.

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