True delights of Bavaria

01 Sep 2016
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With regional delights that are certified and guaranteed to be of high quality, FOUR explores the typical tastes of Southern Germany.
Culinary celebration

Bavaria is the country of gourmets. Customs and traditions are cultivated in every region of Bavaria – especially with regard to the manifold regional delicacies. Consumers perceive our products as something special, associated with a particular place or a particular region.

Thus, the keyword “Allgäu” makes us think automatically of Allgäu mountain cheese. This highly traditional, untreated milk cheese is produced of milk from the Allgäu alps. The cheese is available in different degrees of maturity: ranging from mild to piquant toaromatic, thus offering something for every taste. The word “Franken” automatically evokes the image of delicious Franconian wines – especially the Silvaner. Moreover, Franconian wine is unmistakable because of its unusual bottle shape, the Bocksbeutel.

It is imperative to preserve these regional delicacies. This is why the European Union introduced special labels of origin. These protected seals guarantee that production, processing and manufacturing of a product is done in a particular geographical area and according to established and defined processes.

Currently, 30 Bavarian products are protected by the European Union, including the Allgäu mountain cheese and the Franconian wine. These products – representative of many other regional delicacies – represent Bavaria as a true country of delicacies.

Furthermore, constantly increasing export figures of the Bavarian food industry are proof for the high acceptance of our delicacies on international markets. The brand Bavaria is embodied in itspremium products and itis an important ambassador of the country itself. In the words of Bavaria’s StateMinisterfor food, agriculture and forestry, Helmut Brunner, “I would be pleased if we could allinstill the love for our Bavarian delicacies”…and so we will!

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