Trendsetting Tradition: AJK Textile Introduces KUTNİA Line

18 May 2020
2 min read
KUTNİA takes inspiration from the traditional Kutnu fabric of Gaziantep, which AJK Textile has adapted to the modern world. The almost-forgotten national treasure has been revitalized and transformed into a new stylish brand, paving its way into the future. 

Kutnu is identified as a silky fabric with colored, floss silk wraps and cotton woofs. It is also known as the oldest silken fabric. The colorful wraps and woofs create delicate stripes, which are the signature Kutnu characteristic. Kutnu was used for both men and women’s clothing during the Ottoman period, as well as for furnishings in large cities like Istanbul. If you trace back Kutnu’s history, you will find its name as part of trade agreements signed between the Ottoman Empire and the US in the early 1900s.

However, today, there are only a handful of craftsmen left that know how to weave the precious Kutnu fabric. In addition, there was initially only a very limited range of products that could be made with the Kutnu and thus, the necessity of introducing Kutnu to the contemporary world was realized and the KUTNİA brand was born.

The unique and special Kutnu fabric shapes the KUTNİA collection, offering a varying range of quality, texture, and thickness while remaining loyal to its original production methods. This new development by AJK Textile has enabled Kutnu to become widely available for use in various applications such as home textiles, ready-made clothing and upholstery. When creating the KUTNİA brand, AJK Textile brought together people from diverse backgrounds that are curious about different cultures, creating a label that offers accessible luxury with an eclectic lifestyle.

During the development of the collections, the designs took inspiration from the Kutnu heritage and from the city of Gaziantep where its roots are based. Furthermore, the brand was further enhanced by rich symbols of its culture, including Zeugma Mosaics, traditional spices, Orient Express memories, the Spice Route and traditional Anatolian women’s handcrafts. The most significant source of inspiration, however, is derived from the brand’s ability to reinterpret tradition with contemporary art.

For more information, visit KUTNİA’s website or watch the documentary. Stores are located in Gaziantep, Istanbul, Dreems and New York.

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