Trend-setting Tableware

28 Nov 2019
2 min read
Design-forward tableware brand Fine2Dine (F2D) boasts an inspired range of high-quality, innovative drinking and dining ware perfect for creating a flawless tablescape this festive season.

The holiday season is filled with social gatherings and family celebrations, and to ensure that these events are both picture-perfect and memorable, an elegantly-styled table is essential. The saying that you eat with your eyes first rings true, and with Fine2Dine (F2D)’s beautiful tableware, dining and drinking becomes an even more fun and flavorful affair. With a wide range of attractive colors and trendy designs available, Fine2Dine (F2D) will have your home decked out in its ‘Christmas best’ in no time!

With their fingers on the pulse of the newest trends in the industry, Fine2Dine (F2D) rapidly evolves their ideas to keep up with the latest and greatest in tableware innovation and creativity. Modern design and superb functionality lie at the heart of the young, fast-growing brand, which was founded in 2016 by Aerts nv.

Fine2Dine (F2D) is revolutionizing the tableware industry with their goal to provide a platform on which cooks can be creative, while effortlessly mixing and matching food, ambiance and presentation to create the quintessential dining experience. In Fine2Dine’s eyes, “The chef of tomorrow should be able to switch his set-up whenever he wants, according to his culinary creations, the corresponding season or the atmosphere of the restaurant. And this, most importantly, at affordable prices.”

Each one of Fine2Dine’s pieces are created by their Belgian product team, who work closely with an international team of product specialists and designers. Using research, creativity and market insights to lead their design process, the team is able to produce user-friendly, top-quality eating and drinking items that each feature an original element.

From Mediterranean-inspired porcelain pieces to glistening stoneware sets, there’s an alluring collection available for every taste and occasion. Here is a run-down of some of Fine2Dine’s most stylish selections:


Enhance your table with a Mediterranean touch with the Usko collection. Each Usko piece bears a truly unique appearance as a result of a reactive glaze used in its special finishing process. Distinguished by their characteristically Mediterranean soft olive green and grey hues, the round, robust design of this collection makes it the idyllic companion for a fresh tabbouleh salad or lentil soup. Forged from strong, durable porcelain, the Usko collection is impressively chip-resistant and is also dishwasher safe.


A modern, metallic finish makes the Oxido collection a stand out. Deep, rich, rusty red and black hues are peppered with shimmers of gold and silver in this luxurious line of dinnerware. Its powerful appearance accentuates its durability, making these functional porcelain products ideal for intense use. The reactive glaze finish gives each piece its own individualized details.


Tense is the latest addition to the Fine2Dine family. Red and black tones fuse to create a dark and mysterious color palette in this range. The name alludes to the whimsical origins of the collection, which spotlights organically formed plates and bowls with uneven edges, giving each piece a truly handmade feel. Carefully crafted using durable porcelain fired at 1300°C, this proudly European collection is sure to elevate every meal’s presentation with its sultry hues and distinctive shapes.


The most iridescent collection of all Fine2Dine’s creations, Glister brings an extra sparkle to the dining experience. These eye-catching stoneware pieces contain glistening golden crystals that will add a luxurious dimension to your festive spread. Each creation boasts its own exclusive detailing thanks to the reactive glaze finish, and with their raised rims and free-form edges, they exude a chic, handmade panache.

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Pictures in order of appearance: Tense in ruby; Usko bowl; Oxido in rusty red; Glister plate.