French petit déjeuner

Universally loved, the French breakfast is a treat for those with a sweet tooth. Croissants, pain au chocolats, chausson aux pommes and a plethora of pastries line the glass panes of bakeries every morning, wafting out their sweet scents and enticing everyone within nose’s reach. Enjoyed with coffee in a bowl, a tartine of freshly bakes bread and jam and the day always gets off to a positive start…

English breakfast

An indulgence that is matched by no other breakfast plate, the English breakfast demands a very hungry customer. With fried or scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding, baked tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms and toast, all slurped down with a tea, this breakfast is a labourer’s dream.

Tunisian إفطار

North African morning dreams are made of a traditional breakfast. A mix of savoury shakshouka – poached eggs and spicy tomato sauce – and flat breads, white cheese and quince jelly, and sweet crème de sorgho – a warm, chalky porridge made from sorghum grain, sugar and orange blossom essence, topped with sweet sesame paste. Kept hydrated with a strong coffee, this breakfast is for the refined indulgers.

American breakfast

Paying homage to the gluttons, the American breakfast holds nothing back. Alongside an eggs-bacon-toast-hash brown medley, thick pancakes, covered in maple syrup and bacon make a regular appearance, as well as French toast – or eggy bread. Enjoyed with a glass of orange juice, at least this traditional breakfast includes some fruit.

Iranian sobhāneh

The traditional Iranian breakfast incudes a variety of flat breads, feta and white cheese, jam (quince, sour cherry) or marmalade and whipped cream, accompanied by a sweet Persian tea. However, breakfasts vary from region to region, with some enjoying more meat-laden soups or porridge.

Ethiopian fit-fit

Ethiopian gastronomy has injera – a large sourdough fatbread – at its heart, with breakfast not being an exception. At breakfast it is shredded, and served with a mixture ofberbere(spices), butter and onions, which is eaten either plain or with yoghurt and honey. Alternatively, kinche – a type of porridge – made from cracked wheat, is very popular. Eaten as a sweet start to the day with honey, or savoury with spiced butter and fried onions it is one of the more delicious, healthy and sustaining options.

Greek πρωινό

Simple, healthy and fresh is what the traditional Greek breakfast abides by. A Mediterranean medley , it usually includes yoghurt, fruit, nuts and honey. Peppered with eggs and pastries, the breakfast drink of choice tends to be a strong coffee, occasionally spiked with a shot of ouzo to form ‘Greek coffee’.

Japanese 朝食

With steamed rice and miso soup at its heart, a traditional Japanese breakfast tends to err on the savoury side. Healthy accompaniments are added, such as fermented soy beans, grilled fish, dried seaweed and rolled omelettes. Although now peppered with Western-style breakfast features, the traditional Japanese breakfast is widely eaten on weekends, with customary etiquette and table arrangements.


Although breakfast in China is dictated by the country’s many provinces, there are some staples that rarely go amiss in the traditional meal. Rice forms the basis ofcongee – a type of porridge that is complemented by fish, meat or flavourings – and traditional steamed buns. Fried or soup-based noodles and deep fried bread sticks also feature heavily in Chinese breakfasts, which, alongside some tea or sweetened soy bean milk, make for a delicious start to the day.

Fiji ikatalau

Breakfast in Fiji is an absolute treat. With flour forming the basis for many of its dishes, a type of donut, pancakes, bread or biscuits are hard to miss. However, considering its geography, the traditional breakfast also has a propensity to feature fish in, such as the nuqa fish served in fermented coconut yoghurt. All topped off with lemon leaf tea and fresh tropical fruits, you can’t go far wrong with this breakfast.

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French breakfast © flickr – Andrés Moreira

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