The Week In Numbers

12 Apr 2014
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Giving you FOUR facts from the foodie world this week, from the most expensive mangoes, to how many Easter eggs we consume…

3, 700

The cost in dollars that a pair of ‘Taiyo no Tomago’ mangoes were auctioned at this Thursday in Tokyo. According to Kyodo News, it was a record price for the fruit’s first auction of the season (shocking).


The number of tons of food wasted a year in industrialised countries, according to the House of Lords EU Committee. That’s the same weight as 44 million average-sized African Elephants.


The number of Easter Eggs sold in the UK every year, which equates to almost 2080 tons!


The international restaurant industry experts and well-travelled gourmetswho voted Fergus Henderson as the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award this week.

Mango© Bang Doll, flickr

Easter Egg© Fabergé