The ultimate cocktail-pairing menu

12 Dec 2013
2 min read
Forget wine-pairing, FOUR indulges in a spot of cocktail-pairing with this set of recipes, perfectly matched with two Grey Goose vodka cocktails…

L’Oie aux olives with Noilly Prat Nage & orange zest – pair thiswith GREY GOOSE Wet Martini


1 goose, ready for roasting

4 apples

1 jar green olives

0.2l Noilly Prat

4 oranges

1 tablespoon cornstarch

Mugwort or marjoram



Rinse the goose inside and out with cold water and salt inside. Place the cleaned apples along with some stems mugwort or marjoram inside the goose, and close the opening with cotton thread.

Marinate the olives with Noilly Prat and heat it slightly.

Slide the goose breast-side down in a roasting pan in the oven. Top with ¼ litre of boiling water and cook in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees (convection oven 160 degrees, gas mark 4 or 5). After 1 hour turn the goose, skim off the fat, add ¼ litre of hot water and baste periodically with the roasting juices. At the end of the cooking time (depending on the size of the goose up to 3 hours) brush the skin with cold salt water, so that it gets crispy. Then take out the finished roast goose and keep warm.

Skim the fat from the sauce, pour the roasting juices through a sieve, mix the juice of the oranges with the cornstarch to bind the sauce and season to taste. Let it reduce, add the marinated olives and orange zest and simmer slightly.

Remove the cotton thread and serve the sauce separately for the goose. Depending on taste, serve with red cabbage and dumplings.

GREY GOOSE Wet Martini


50ml of GREY GOOSE Vodka (cold)

25ml NOILLY PRAT Original Dry (cold)

1 dash orange bitters (optional)

2 olives


Mix GREY GOOSE vodka, NOILLY PRAT Original Dry and orange bitters in a mixing glass on ice and stir for 30 seconds. Then strain into a chilled martini glass.


Garnish with two olives, preferably pitted olives in brine from the French Mediterranean region.

Wheat risotto with calamaretti– pair thiswithGREY GOOSE La Marie Blanche

Serves 6


1 large onion

75g butter

300g buckwheat

675ml white tomato consommé (or vegetable broth)

150g grated Parmesan

¼ bunch basil

500g calamaretti, cleaned

Salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic, parsley

White wine for deglazing


Peel and dice the onion. Melt butter in a saucepan and sauté the onions. Add buckwheat and fry until soft. Add some of the white tomato consommé, bring to a boil and stir continuously for about 20 minutes over low heat.

Meanwhile, gradually add the remaining tomato consommé. Then add the Parmesan, stir and reduce the temperature so that the mixture no longer cooks. Season the risotto with salt to taste.

At the same time, fry the calamaretti in olive oil, garlic and parsley until crispy and deglaze with white wine.

Serve and garnish with herbs.

GREY GOOSE La Marie Blanche

Ingredients for the white tomato consommé (1 litre)

5kg beef tomatoes, chopped

300g protein

¼ bunch oregano

1 bunch of basil

1l vegetable stock

Ingredients GREY GOOSE La Marie Blanche

30ml of GREY GOOSE Vodka

60ml white tomato consommé

Method white tomato consommé

Puree all ingredients and heat slowly. When the mixture is clear, strain through a cloth strainer. Reduce the consommé to the desired consistency. Season with salt and pepper.

Method GREY GOOSE La Marie Blanche

Stir together the cooled tomato consommé with GREY GOOSE Vodka over ice in a mixing glass, then strain over ice into a glass. Season with your choice of ingredients (e.g. Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, lemon or celery bitters, etc.).