The Top 10 Kitchen Playlists

29 Dec 2014
< 1 min read
This year we asked over 20 world-class chefs what they play in their kitchens to perfect their culinary delights. Here are our favourite 10…

| Like his cuisine, Matt’s kitchen playlist couldn’t be more on trend and funky, with the likes of Fela Kuti andCymande.

| We just love the idea of Chef Arguinzoniz belting Elton John’s ‘Candle in the Wind’ while rustling up his Michelin-starred dishes.

| Matt’s 90s bonanza brought a seriously cheesy smile to our faces.

| Upbeat with a French twist, Chef Bignon may be the only person still loving Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ (we commend his positivity).

| We can only imagingColin’s mix of 70s and 80s rock blasting through the fine dining kitchen of Q’Bara with retro vibes.

| What makes Astrid&Gaston’s restaurant so wonderful? Punk and rock does.

| Funk and Japanese classics makes for an eclectic mix, but it clearly works wonders at Okku.

| Despite not actually playing music in his kitchen, Paul’s playlist stands tall for what 80s rock could do.

| We cannot get the idea ofÉric rocking out to ACDC or belting some French classics out in 3 Michelin star Epicure.

| A mix of hip hop, rock, electro and funk has got to be a killer playlist.Plus we love the reference to RunDMC and Le Manoir.