The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong willhostThe Ritz-Carlton Second Annual Asia-Pacific Food and Wine FestivalfromJune 13 to 16, 2013, attended by a collection of the world’s top chefs such as two Michelin-star chef Pino Lavarra, two Michelin-starAnthony Genovese & Master of Imperial cuisine Li Xiao Lin, celebrated chocolatier & pâtissiers, the world’s best affineur and wineries.

The four-day epicurean event with seven masters from China, Denmark, France, Italy and United Kingdom, together with The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong’s own talented chefs, will showcase the finest culinary craftsmanship through a series of events, fromcooking classes and chef’s table to afternoon tea and an“All Star Brunch”.

Highlights also include: OZONE will be transformed into aCheese Marketon June 15.

The line-up

Chef Mads Refslund (Denmark)

Co-founder of Noma,“The Best Restaurant in the World” and four-time winner of Denmark’s “Critics Choice/Dish of the Year”, Refslund is one among a group of the aspiring chefs who immersed themselves in the wonderful natural resources from all over the Nordic region and created the foundation of what has been one of the most vital gastronomic trends of the last five years – The New Nordic Cuisine. Refslund will reveal his cooking philosophy “Bonding Rawness” – sustaining ’ natural flavours in ingredients and allowing them to mix- through his cooking class and special dinners created for the food and wine festival.

Chef Ivan Li (China)

Renowned for its exquisite culinary art, unique royal taste and rich cultural connotation, the legendary Family Li Imperial Cuisine takes its roots from the Qing Dynasty and enjoys a history spanning over a century. The man behind the cuisine, Li takes pride in using authentic cooking methods, recipes and ingredients adopted by the Imperial kitchen back in Empress Dowager Cixi’s time. With a guest list that include Bill Gates, Muhammed Ali and Bill Clinton, Li’s chef’s tables will give guests an impression of the elaborate cuisine that was once served in the Forbidden City.

Chef Anthony Genovese (Italy)

Genovese hails from the celebrated Il Pagliaccio, an intimate restaurant with only 28 seats in Rome, and is proud holder of two Michelin stars, the ultimate culinary accolade: the first star awarded in 2006 and second star in 2009. Having worked in France, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia and profoundly influenced by the different culinary cultures, Genovese is internationally renowned for his extraordinary technique in applying new forms, colors and flavours to his contemporary Italian cuisine. Genovese will demonstrate his skills in the “cooking class duet” with chef Pino Lavarra and the special dinners prepared for the event.

Chef Pino Lavarra (Italy)

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong Resident Chef Pino Lavarra’s gastronomic talents have earned him numerous prestigious recognitions, including “One of the Best Chefs in the World” by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, as well as two Michelin star awards since 2004 for Rossellinis, the restaurant he led prior to helming Tosca. He is famed for his authentic Southern Italian cuisine which is created in innovative and contemporary ways. Lavarra will showcase his signature style together with Genovese in the “cooking class duet”.

Pastry Chef Franck Fresson (France)

Having honed his craft and won the coveted lifetime title of “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” (MOF, Best Craftsmen of France), Fresson is regarded as one of the most esteemed contemporary pastry chefs in France. The contest, which is held every three years, recognizes the best artisans who have reached the level of perfection. Lovers of French confectioneries would travel from afar to Metz, the city in the northeast of France, just to savor the refined pastries and chocolate created by Fresson, also named one of the “Best Chocolatiers for 2011”. Famous for his sinful sweets made with layers of texture and flavour, Fresson will showcase his skill in his cooking class and decadent afternoon tea.

Pastry Chef Gianluca Fusto (Italy)

Named “Best Italian Pastry Chef 2012” at Milan’s Identita Golose International Congress, Fusto began his professional journey under the guidance of pastry maestro Aimo Morni who taught him the magic of ingredients. Deeply in love with cocoa, his fetish ingredient, Fusto later went to the school Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona in France where he worked alongside chemists, physicians and food engineers to discover the nature of taste. Having his desserts viewed as the latest experiments of contemporary art, Fusto will share his passion in the delightful five-course chocoholic tasting menu.

Affineur Francois Bourgon (France)

Another winner of MOF, Bourgon’s cheeses are constantly seen on Michelin-starred tables around the world. He is always in search of exciting new cheeses from around France to age them in his underground cellars. The cheese feast and market on level 118 of the hotel will be an eye-opener of the fabulous world of 118 types of cheeses and condiments presented by Bourgon, one of the best craftsmen of France.

Master of Wine Ned Goodwin (United Kingdom)

London-born Ned Goodwin is an expert and natural explorer of wines. This instinct is combined with a depth of knowledge gleaned through his experience in restaurant work, consultancy, show judging and print media. The first Japanese speaking Master of Wine, Goodwin had his own Japanese television show about wine “Vintage” (2000), and appeared as guest-lecturer at one of the most prestigious universities in Japan, Keio. Joined by Goodwin, guests will sample some of the library vintages and current releases from Querciabella, one of the most famous wine estates in Tuscany, followed by dinner prepared by two-star Michelin chef Anthony Genovese.

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