Designed for those who appreciate good food, enjoy the pleasure of living in a refined space and who share their passion for flawless handiwork, Officine Gullo’s products represent a perfect marriage between art, heritage, and craftsmanship.

Officine Gullo creates custom-made kitchens, with every aspect of the project, from concept to realization, tailored to your specific requirements, while staying true to the brand’s Italian roots. Equipped with avant-garde technology, the kitchens are inserted into authentic artisanal metalwork structures inspired by Florence’s ancient and beautiful architecture.

Created carefully and meticulously by master artisans, the kitchen and all its details are unique and inimitable. From stoves to taps, copper pots to stainless steel knives, and chopping boards to porcelain dishes, Officine Gullo has bespoke kitchen appliances and accessories for every need.

Kitchen Appliances


In the new Fiorentina range of cooking appliances, Officine Gullo pays tribute to the Italian city of beauty and sophistication. Using motifs inspired by Tuscany and its culture, landscape, traditions and history of metalwork, the Fiorentina range has a unique and priceless aesthetic. With its timeless and elegant style, the Fiorentina line will enrich any kitchen typology with a distinct personality and charm by introducing efficient and aesthetically satisfying elements.

Designed and developed in Italy to ensure the highest quality performance and appearance, the Fiorentina range uses tradition and innovation to meet all culinary needs. Made of brass, burnished copper, steel and cast iron and boasting the most advanced technologies for cooking, the professional hobs are top-quality. The 10kW brass burners are able to withstand the greatest heat and can produce 5 flame combinations in a variety of configurations, allowing you to have endless control. Power, durability and accuracy are key in the Officine Gullo designs.

Alongside the hobs, Officine Gullo offers a wide range of household electrical appliances designed to be integrated into and to complete any type of kitchen. Multifunctional, programmable convection ovens equipped with a triple insulating glass for excellent performance are also designed by Officine Gullo, as well as handsome antibacterial stainless steel refrigerators with crystal shelves and freezer drawers with ice makers.

To complete the kitchen of your dreams, there are also countless Officine Gullo accessories to choose from: shelves, gas cocks, and mixer taps, sinks, decorated panels and much more, all manufactured to promote functionality and beauty using the noblest metals.

Copper Pots

A high-quality kitchen deserves a set of high-quality cookware. Officine Gullo’s line of pots, pans and casseroles in thick copper has unique characteristics that guarantee an unprecedented and incomparable cooking experience. The external surface shows a fine hammering made by hand, while the internal walls are tin-plated.

Professional Knives, Knife Blocks and Chopping Boards

The Tuscan art of cutlery has ancient and noble roots that can be found in all the creations of the Officine Gullo knife collection. Precious materials, production techniques unchanged over the centuries and the irreplaceable work of skilled craftsmen’s hands; these are the essential aspects that determine the unquestionable value of Officine Gullo “cutting tools”.

Steel blades of exceptional quality, forged like ancient swords, meet handles made of blond and brown buffalo horn, deer, ebony and brass; materials that are a testament to our bond with tradition, not intended as a mere repetition of objects from the past, but as a constant work of functional and stylistic research.

The new Officine Gullo knife blocks are not just practical containers, but objects that, thanks to the refinement of their details, give the kitchen an additional touch of high quality craftsmanship. The materials, as for all the accessories, are chosen and worked with extreme care. Solid walnut, solid oak and burnished brass are the protagonists of these unique handworks.

Officine Gullo’s collection of chopping boards perfectly embraces the philosophy of the prestigious Florentine brand: extremely resistant products that are also practical to use and beautiful to look at. These sturdy accessories are the perfect synthesis of form and function, and harmonize perfectly with the elegant and solid shapes of Officine Gullo kitchens.

Glasses and Porcelain Dishes

The pursuit of absolute quality in the kitchen environment pushes Officine Gullo to constantly expand its range of extremely high standard accessories. Passion for excellence shines through in each table complement. Officine Gullo’s plates are not simple plates, but works of art in superior quality porcelain, with original Florentine tradition motifs in 18-karat gold and 98% pure platinum.

Officine Gullo glass sets are hand-blown masterpieces decorated by master glassmakers, with intricate details such as elegant bases in solid brass or the refined decorations in gold or platinum. The collection presents both very fine crystal tasting glasses and complete crystalware sets composed of a water glass, a wine glass, and a flute.

Cutlery and Leather Accessories

Officine Gullo cutlery sets are prime examples of the Italian, and in particular Florentine, excellence in metalwork. The cutlery line consists of several collections, each embellished with the adoption of traditional production techniques and the selection of high-quality materials, such as 18/10 steel combined with burnished brass.

The leather goods range is designed to enrich the Officine Gullo table collection. A wide selection of refined accessories inspired by the centuries-old Florentine tradition of leather processing. Knife holders, trivets, cutlery sheaths and other Italian artisanship jewels handmade with the best leather.


From the constant research of Officine Gullo aimed at achieving increasingly captivating goals both from the point of view of quality and aesthetics, the new fascinating collection of kitchen taps is born: a point of balance between technological perfection and harmony of shapes.

It is a new line of iconic products which redefine the aesthetic standards of domestic and professional mixers and taps. These artifacts are rooted in the secular tradition of the finest craft, pairing the use of noble materials with the achievement of new standards for the modern luxury design. Thanks to this stylistic and constructive care, the Officine Gullo taps integrate perfectly with both classic and contemporary spaces, becoming eye-catching focal points of the entire kitchen.

Made of brass, they are available in three different finishes, namely burnished brass, satin nickel, and polished chrome. The taps are also available in a variety of shapes that are completed with a choice of three different types of knobs and a sophisticated control lever.


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