The perfect taste

08 Sep 2015
3 min read
A masterclass in how to create a unique and exceptional moment of pleasure.

A relaxed drink after work, a leisurely meal with friends or an extravagant date with the partner ­– the concept of pleasure means different things for each and every one.

To investigate, five experts embarked on a trip to Scotland in search of the perfect moment of pleasure. The goal was ambitious and the team of five consisted of Markus Heinze (Glenfiddich Whisky brand ambassador and expert), Tim-Ole Mundt (CEO Gentleman’s Agreement), Florian Falk (CEO Just Spices), Onur Elci (one of the creators of Kitchen Guerilla) and Kevin Fehling (youngest 3-Michelin-star chef in Germany and owner of restaurant The Table).

The trip to Scotland, to the roots of Glenfiddich whisky production, was the beginning of a bold adventure. Similar to William Grant, the founding father of the distillery, the five experts wanted to create something new and of the finest quality. During the trip, they received a lot of inspiration and insights behind the scenes of the successful family business.

Thanks to employees like Malt Master Brian Kinsman or family members like Peter Gordon (direct descendant of William Grant, fifth generation), every door was opened and every lead investigated. All these impressions were taken on and included in the creation of their “perfect taste”.

The results

Dufftown Burger with Solera Sauce –Glenfiddich 15 Year Old

“I wanted to develop something that conquers the heart of every man and gives him the ultimate taste experience,” explains Onur Elci, one of the makers of mobile cooking unit Kitchen Guerilla. The initial idea was what seemed quite simple, but which is of the highest quality and filled with pleasure, the Dufftown Burger, topped with an exceptional Solera sauce. Accompanying this was the Glenfiddich Solera Vat 15 Year Old. “It was very special to experience the product up close and in its original location. To see how much effort, craftsmanship and attention goes into every single drop of the product was an absolute highlight! Each sip thus became even more intense.”

Modernised BBQ dish with Glenfiddich 21 Year Old

For Kevin Fehling, youngest 3-Michelin-star chef in Germany and owner of restaurant The Table in the HafenCity Hamburg, his “Perfect Taste” is all about the classic, but modernised, BBQ dish which is full of surprises. A Glenfiddich 21 Year Old BBQ gel gives this dish that special extra. “I thought I already knew a lot about whisky,” explains Kevin. “But I was wrong. I found the Glenfiddich story fascinating. You can feel the passion and attachment to the brand everywhere. I was able to gain an incredible amount of inspiration for my ‘perfect taste’ during this journey.”

A drink like a poem: “Glenfiddich Bàrdachd”

“My perfect taste is the drink Glenfiddich Bàrdachd. It’s a Gaelic word and means poem,” says Markus Heinze, Glenfiddich brand ambassador and whisky expert. The Glenfiddich 18 Year Old Reserve Small Batch forms the basis of the drink. “The time in Scotland was incredibly inspiring and showed once again how versatile our Glenfiddich Single Malt is. It was the experience of a lifetime and the beginning of an interesting and varied journey with enjoyment as the goal.”

Caramelised apple rings and Sweet Love for the Glenfiddich Speyfir(e)

Together with Markus Heinze, Florian Falk, co-founder of online spice manufacturer Just Spices, developed the drink Glenfiddich Speyfir(e). “We are rounding off the drink with caramelised apple rings, prepared with original Glenfiddich malt and our Sweet Love spice mix, so you get a slight sweetness.” For the drink, which is finished with fir sprouts, he used the Glenfiddich Signature Malt 12 Year Old. For this creation, Florian was particularly inspired by a trip to Edinburgh. “The exciting thing about the project was the interaction of drinking the actual whisky with the surroundings and how that influences the enjoyment.”

A Gentleman’s Toolbox to create The Perfect Taste

“The perfect moment of pleasure consists of various building blocks,” said Tim-Ole Mundt from men’s accessories label Gentleman’s Agreement. “This includes, for example, taste and appearance. The moment of pleasure begins with the consideration which outfit is worn. Accessories give it that final touch and detail. In addition, the taste of a dish can be extended, for example, with a matching drink – a very special whisky, for example. For The Perfect Taste, Tim developed a toolbox that explores the perfect moment of pleasure and shows that it is actually quite easy to create your own ideal evening. “I collect my inspiration through audio-visual impressions. In Scotland, I started to use my nose and learned so many new things. A whole new world has opened up for me. Glenfiddich is a piece of living history: Every bottle contains honest and sincere work by authentic and inspiring people.”