The Perfect Cut

28 Oct 2020
2 min read
Award-winning and endorsed by top chefs, sknife crafts high-quality, elegant steak knives, cutlery and pocket knives using innovative craftsmanship and superior materials.

For more than four years, sknife knives have been, and continue to be used daily at Heiko Nieder’s two-Michelin-starred The Restaurant at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich.  

As the chef says, “Materials, workmanship, shape, design, feel…and then this elegant cutting ability. A knife could not be more perfect for my guests and me!”

The knives, which ensure a perfect cut every time, can also be purchased by guests visiting The Restaurant. Both the surgical steel version and the damask steel Heiko Nieder knives can be bought at the Dolder Grand’s Shop.

Handcrafted in Switzerland, sknife knives have been honoured with three international design awards and are now endorsed by the world’s best restaurants. In Switzerland, sknife collaborates with Deluxe Hotels and chef Franck Giovannini of 3-Michelin-starred Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville Crissier. Among the international top chefs, sknife is proud to count Mauro Colagreco of Mirazur, the Roca brothers from Celler de can Roca, Grant Achatz of Alinea, Klaus Erfort and Juan Amador – all of which helm three-Michelin-starred restaurants – among their references.

Using high-quality materials such as surgical steel and stabilised wood, the sknife steak knives have four times higher corrosion resistance and are unaffected by water contact, making them ideal for use at seaside restaurants and on yachts. Recently, sknife knives were delivered to the Yacht Club Monaco for the first time.  The knives can be adapted to suit the interior of the restaurant, with the handles available in a variety of wood types and colours including local walnut or dark ash wood.

In addition to steak knives and cutlery, sknife continues to build on its success with a pocket knife. With an increased demand for damask knives during lockdown, sknife developed a new, beautiful masterpiece: a pocket knife made entirely of damask steel. The result is an extremely complex knife in which the blade, blade back and handle are made of corrosion-resistant damask steel. Handmade down to the last detail using high-tech ceramics and components from the watch industry, it’s a fascinating piece of craftmanship, especially for knife lovers. Even the opening of the pocket knife is a sensation with its watch-like smooth motion. Quality in the highest form of perfection: altogether, the components achieve over 1600 damask steel layers.

To find out more visit sknife’s website or Instagram page.