The new gold standard in Provence

10 Aug 2018
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Maison Saint Aix, the brainchild behind AIX Rosé, works hard to produce the best possible rosé from Provence. This region, in the south of France, close to the cities of Cannes and Saint Tropez, is renowned for making the most delicate rosé wines in the world for 2600 years.

The expression of Provence 

AIX Rosé has its roots in the historical city of Aix-en-Provence, the capital of Provence. The region is specialized in making the most elegant rosé wines in the world. Maison Saint Aix strives for greatness which it achieves through passion, dedication, and one single promise: to favour quality above anything else. While tasting AIX Rosé, you will experience a tremendously vibrant and summery taste, the ultimate expression of Provence. The hypnotizing salmon pink colour reveals the fruity freshness of top quality Provence rosé. The nose is fresh and fragrant, delicate yet youthful. Its generous refreshing, crispy taste makes it a perfect aperitif. With its mouth-filling roundness, its harmonious structure and long finish, it also looks like a perfect wine on the dining table and a great match with a lobster and truffle risotto.


Celebrating the pleasure of being together

This wine loves to bring people together to share a glass, a meal, a moment. Every bottle comes with a new opportunity to share, generously, with style, passion, personality and fun. Available in regular size bottle, but also in party ready magnums, up to the ultimate 15 liter Nebuchadnezzar.


Great rosé at great places

AIX Rosé is available worldwide, from LA to Dubai, from Miami to Paris and Singapore. It is served in the greatest starred restaurants, rooftop terraces, lounge bars but also premium wine merchants and luxury department stores. This cuvee is regularly honoured in specialized wine media and awarded yearly with gold medals at prestigious wine shows.


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