The Most CHIC Tableware

02 Sep 2019
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Defining your personal interior style often starts with your choice of dinnerware. It reflects your lifestyle, your way of dining. The importance of presentation is, without doubt, the key feature to a successful dinner. The power of tableware lies within its capacity to enhance the dining experience, without taking the spotlight away from the dishes. It definitely enriches the total food experience.

With this in mind, the Belgian brand CHIC designs one-of-a-kind, timeless tableware with unique material features. Currently, the tableware industry is strongly focused on design. In response to this, CHIC aims to produce user-friendly design products with an added value.

The different product lines of the brand CHIC are developed with the vision to combine elegant design with innovative materials (e.g. lightweight material; magnesium porcelain; mass coloured) that not only look beautiful, but also fully meet user requirements. With CHIC’s innovative tableware products you’ll be able to create a food presentation that satisfies your own wants and needs.

CHIC was founded in late 2014 in Belgium, and became a real success after the launch of its famous Claro gold range in August 2015. The young brand has already been nominated for a handful of awards, mainly in the hospitality sector. The designs of CHIC are the result of a close cooperation between a Dutch-Belgian design team supported by an international team of product specialists.

In order to equate the appearance of the brand with its vision, CHIC has developed a completely new logo, referencing the balanced beauty of its ranges. The new CHIC will be represented by an ambigram, which can be turned, mirrored or displayed from various points of direction. The ambigram has a symbolic meaning, it’s a symbol for the endless combinations that can be made with the different items of the brand, but most of all, it’s a symbol for its timeless character.

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