Why four cocktails?

The Aged series consists of FOUR very innovative cocktails that are meant to convey a ‘Golden Age’ of cocktail making, which I am trying to take the lead on here in Bangkok. The first series of its kind, it includes the Vanity, the Hi-So, the Amortentia and Pandora’s Box, and I think it’s the perfect number. I love these four cocktails as each has its own character and architecture.

How did you select the recipes for the issue?

The criteria were original styles, a new genre, premium spirits and house-made ingredients, and new methods, to create something entirely new that you cannot find anywhere but Distil.

How did you prepare yourself and your cocktails for the photoshoot?

I prepare everything the day before, making sure all the ingredients are available, the bar is properly set up, and the ambience is inspiring. Then I just smile and do my everyday routine behind the bar.

What’s your interview preparation?

I try to be truthful, honest and genuine, andbe myself, happy and living my life.