The Making of #FOURASIA

17 Nov 2014
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With chatted with Todd Beltz who shot the images of chef Ryan Clift, his exceptional dishes and his restaurant ‘Tippling Club’ in Singapore for FOUR’s Asia launch edition….

As a food photographer for the last 4 years now, I always enjoy picking up the latest food magazines, both local and international, so I can keep up to date with the latest trends, restaurant openings, chef features, food styling tips and ideas and of course all of the gorgeous food photos. To be honest, until this assignment I had never heard of FOUR but when I was approached to take on this job, I was thrilled to have my work showcased in an overseas magazine. And after getting a copy of the latest issue, I’m impressed.

How did you prepare for the photo shoot?

Preparing for a photo shoot is more than just packing the camera and gear and heading out the door hoping that you will land some decent shots. For me, it starts days before. I figure out what equipment I need to bring based on the clients brief, double check all of my gear to make sure it’s in working order, batteries are charged, settings are reset and that I get plenty of rest.

When I arrive at the shoot location, I check where I will set up my gear, what the light looks like and then spend a few minutes visualising how the shoot will go.

How did you want to portray chef and his dishes?

Chef Ryan Clift is one of the world’s greatest chefs taking diners on a gastronomic ride with his amazing creations. I wanted to portray him doing what he does best when he creates art pieces on a plate.

What techniques did you use on the shoot?

This was a very simple setup in terms of techniques. For both the food and cocktails, I used available window light.

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