The Making of #FOURASIA

19 Nov 2014
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We asked photographer Karn Samanvorawong about the making of mixologist Ron Ramirez’s Oak Barrel series taken at Distil Bar, situated in Bangkok’s ultra-chic Le Bua State Tower hotel, for FOUR’s newest issue: Asia & Australasia.

FOUR magazine delivers their content about lifestyle and cuisine in a very unique way and is published in many countries around the world. Working with FOUR gives me the opportunity to work with one of the world’s best food magazines and its professional team.

How did you prepare for the photo shoot?

First of all, the selling point of what I am representing needs to be identified as well as the best way to deliver it to the readers. The cocktails in each of Ron’sseries comes in a different concept. So the background and the lighting of the photos are very important, as it helps the reader to understand the concept of each cocktail better.

How did you want to portray Ron and his dishes?

Ron’s movement is very unique when crafting cocktails so I aim to deliver that moment as best as I can. The cocktails of this series, the Oak Barrel Aged series, are luxury based. So apart from the outstanding cocktails, other compositions are great for adding a touch of glam.

What techniques did you use on shoot?

The cocktails in Ron’s Oak Barrel Aged series should be represented in a luxury way, to match the extraordinary processes and, of course, the expectation people have of a brand like Le Bua at State Tower. I decided to go with the combination of strobe light and tungsten light, which turns the background to warm golden yellow tone. I also use the tungsten light and glass cabinet to create a bokeh background to add a hint of luxury and glamour to the photo.