The History Behind Grzegorz Majka Ltd, Crafters of the Most Extraordinary Furniture

26 Nov 2021
3 min read
Each story has its background. Each background has its ups and downs. What stands behind the curtains of Grzegorz Majka Ltd? Only one person: young, passionate and talented Grzegorz Majka himself! He has always lived a dream and never gave up! With his head in the clouds, he stubbornly pursued his goals of creating the most remarkable furniture, as he shares with FOUR…

How did everything start?

Let’s introduce the beginning of the Grzegorz Majka company… After secondary school, Grzegorz started his most-desired studies at the faculty of interior design. His fingers were made to draw and his mind was programmed to perceive reality from 3D perspectives, which seemed to be the best skill to become the designer he always wanted to be.

Unexpectedly, he had to stop his studies for personal reasons. With broken wings and no financial means, he was forced to find any work to help his family and himself to make a better living. Beginnings were very tough, as the first job is not always the one we hope for.

Luckily, since 2004, due to gained experience and practice, he managed to develop and became a stonemason in a very prestigious company.
Firstly, supervising some construction sites and finally, coordinating the stonemason’s department and implementing his project ideas into simple and ordinary building projects.

As time went by, he became forever bonded to stone material, always perceiving it as something more than just stone. He was looking for new and outrageous applications of natural stone, reaching out with novel and controversial projects. When, step after step, he was unappreciated and mocked by others, he decided to leave his current employer and start his own path.

What happened next?

Grzegorz moved to his home town to find peace of mind and concentrate on new ideas. With the computer, sketchbook and pencils in his hands, he continuously struggled to transfer his dreams onto paper. Still, without a chance to continue his studies, he learned on his own and explored new interior design programs.

Only with hard work, patience and an open mind did he manage to grasp all the abilities to transfer those dreams onto a computer screen. Moreover, he was finally ready to open his own business and take a leap of faith. This is how MGM PROJECT was established! Full of unique and amazing stone furniture projects, including tables, shelves, kitchen islands and much more.

Even though the start was very promising, the end was brutal. Again pushed away by reality, banned by other designers and criticised by the mason industry. Nobody believed that such projects could see the light of day and be of any practical use. Nevertheless, Grzegorz never gave up and never lost his faith!

In spite of all this, he prototyped his first furniture projects which were later presented in many stone magazines. The audience could not believe that stone treatment had so many possibilities and that it could take such beautiful shapes! On the one hand, it was desired, on the other hand, never undertaken. No future contacts, no cooperations, no projects and no profits – Grzegorz had lost again!

He didn’t want to struggle with the whole world, so he decided to close the company temporarily. He needed to load his life batteries again.
He went back to the mason industry and became a sales representative, as no money means no possibilities. All the while, in his spare time, he continued the designing process.

And now?

After 2 years, he gained new contacts, new friendships and partners who started to believe in his ideas. They were his new driving force to start everything once again. And this is how Grzegorz Majka Ltd came to life!

Wonderful and breathtaking furniture projects, controversial combinations of natural materials and special care for all the details, this is what Grzegorz Majka Ltd delivers. With new courage and new vitality, his work has finally been recognised by others – finally admired and followed!

Grzegorz’s dream has finally come true. He is the best example of a dreamer who continuously fought for himself and chased his dreams. They say ’no pain no gain’. I am sure that Grzegorz could tell everyone a lot about this…

“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” –  Oscar Wilde

To find out more about Grzegorz Majka Ltd and its artful furniture creations, visit the website and Instagram page