The healing power of Austria

16 Oct 2016
5 min read
FOUR heads into Tyrol to speak to Stephanie Neuner, who’s family have been harnessing the power of nature for their products since 1884…

Since 1884 the Neunerfamily fromTyrol inAustria, havebeen harnessing the power of Mother Nature to create sensibly combined, natural products to contribute to a modern and healthy lifestyle. Based on the experience of traditional healers as Hans Neuner (1918 – 1994), who has cured more than 1.5 Million people with natural remedies, the Neuner’s assortment is unique in many ways. His original recipes, carefully combined herbs and supplements, tried-and-tested products with outstanding quality allow Neuner’s to present a holistic assortment from organic infusions, traditional remedies, supplements and cure packages to bring the power of nature into the homes of their clients.

Today the 5th generation of the Neuner family is working for a better and healthier society. Like the generations before her, Stephanie Neuner is passionate about nature and herbs and the well introduced Neuner’s philosophy: “It is our utmost objective to provide high quality products to enable people to maintain their most precious commodity, their health.”

What is important when it comes to herbs and herbal infusions?

When it comes to premium herbal teas it’s all about quality, content and preservation.Whether it is etheric oils, bitter principle or other active agents, plants are full of natural energy and we should use them to activate, calm or help our body to regenerate. Needless to say, what is not contained inside the plant, will not be inside the infusion either. This means premium quality harvested herbs with a high content of active substances are the decisive factor for a high quality product. This applies especially on organic herbs as they are not fertilized.

Another important factor you should mind when buying herbal tea, is the filling quantity of each teabag. The full aroma of a superior herbal infusion also origins in the right substance content. One more crucial factor is the way the herbs are preserved on their way from the production until they are infused. Neuner’s uses aroma foils to ensure that every teabag is sealed tightly and thus a vaporization of active ingredients is prevented. Since most active ingredients are highly volatile, using paper foil or no wrapping at all, results in big losses during their shelf life.

Besides herbs and plants, when do you recommend your clients to integrate food supplements to their diet?

Modern life challenges us daily, therefore it’s great that people are caring more for what they eat. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals in our food build the basis for a well working metabolism, for strong nerves and an active immune system. Being realistic though, many people admit that their diet is not always as balanced, fresh and natural as it should be.

Other circumstances when food supplements are vital, are times in which either high pressure at work, various burdens like traumatic conditions, strenuous problems within family or business and the polluted environment reduce our energy levels drastically.

In these situations as well as after medication, our body easily gets out of balance and needs more nutrients than usually. In these cases we should provide more of what nourishes the body to keep it in balance. Vitamins, Minerals, essential amino acids and trace elements can be easily added with natural and effective elixirs and capsules and help the body maintain a stable and strong metabolic and immune system.Mind though that supplementation should neither contain preservatives nor artificial aromas as you don’t want to add more of these, but only beneficial and soothing ingredients.

What do you think about the current Detox trend?

Cleansing the body, it’s organs and with it the metabolism in periods of fasting has been part of all major religions and cultures of the world. This is not a coincidence, but a sign that relieving your body, from let’s call it “metabolic trash”, strengthens your body and makes its daily work easier. The modern wording and Detox trend is just a new way of making people aware of this old and sensible tradition. We can make use of the power of plants to activate the filter organs of our body – kidneys and liver. Classical herbs for the activation of our kidneys are birch leaves, rose hip and sarsaparilla while we activate our liver with dandelion, artichoke and boldo leaves. Furthermore the acid-base balance is very important. Due to wrong nutrition and stress, many people suffer from high acid levels, which is terrible for the whole metabolism. Besides nettle herb it’s mainly minerals that are great as they neutralize acid and also mineralize our body.

Do you have recommendations for a Detox cure?

You should detox and cleanse your body according to nature’s example – in springtime and autumn, best during a period of the waning moon. During Neuner’s cures, which can be easily integrated in everyday life, we advise our clients not to fasten completely, but rather eat freshly prepared, light dishes, use seasonal vegetables and eat fresh fruits as well as wholegrain products. Therapeutic fasting programs though should always be accompanied by experienced therapists. If you want to give your body the extra kick, the perfect time for vitalizing food supplements is after your Detox cure!

Are there limits regarding treatments with natural remedies?

Natural remedies can help to balance your body so that its natural defense system can work properly. There are various herbs to accompany health issues as a cold, indigestion, sickness or inflammations. Also if you have problems with sleeping, you’ll find a huge variation of herbs as valerian, lavender and balm that calm the body and help to better regenerate during the night. Apart from these short term “trouble shooters”, natural remedies are the perfect companion for chronic problems as bronchitis or metabolic disorders such as rheumatism and gout. There is no doubt that modern medicine and pharmaceuticals bring huge improvement to our health care system, nevertheless we should never forget about nature’s possibilities. Therefore we advise people to find physicians that are open to both, modern and traditional drugs and remedies.

But what if I need medication?

If for different reasons you cannot find a natural way to bring your body back to good health and need to rely on pharmaceutical drugs, don’t forget to – again – cleanse and strengthen your body after and during your treatment. Detox and activate your filter organs regularly, rejuvenate your intestinal flora and fill up your energy reserves so that the natural strength of your body can work proper.

Do you have a “General advice” that applies on almost everyone?

Drink enough! This simple advice would prevent many issues and problems of modern society. While countless people have no access to potable water, the western world seems to forget of the importance of drinking enough in their everyday life. The amount of water in our body is between 50% and 80 % and the daily intake of enough liquid is utterly important for a smooth metabolism. Therefore I recommend to find a way of tricking yourself to not forget drinking enough during the day. Take a bottle of 1.5 liters and fill it with fresh water in the morning, or prepare a big tea pot with organic herbal tea, put it in your office and drink it during your working day. If you add another 1 to 2 glasses of water in the morning and in the evening, you have already done a lot for your body and be sure, it will be more than thankful!

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