This is our own Bonfire Night take on that classic drink The White Lady. Here we have just sweetened it up a little and added some winter spice by the addition of gingerbread syrup.

The Flame Haired Lady

Glass | Martini

Garnish |Home-made gingerbread or a gingerbread man, dusting of cinnamon

Serves 1


37.5mlPortobello Road Gin


18.75mlfreshly squeezed lemon juice

12.5mlegg white

8.3ml gingerbread syrup


Shake this very hard, for a long time, maybe 45 seconds, in a cocktail shaker with just three or four ice cubes. You want to whip it into a nice foamy consistency.Strain it into a chilled cocktail glass and serve with a portion of home-made gingerbread or a gingerbread man.A dusting of ground cinnamon is also an optional adornment.

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