Nurtured over three generations, the Fandler Oil Mill has produced oil as early as 1926. Since then, great diligence and love have been integral parts of each drop, obtained in a procedure that has a long tradition within the classic oil production: the hydraulic stamp press procedure. The result of this process is always 100% pure, genuine, high quality oil, with a distinctive natural colour, a typical aroma and a unique, pure flavour.

In October 2012 the Fandler Oil Mill finished a new home for its future ideas. They now have the possibility to present the variety of their cold pressed oils in an open house for mind, heart and soul where visitors will find a modern and friendly sales and presentation area, a large open kitchen for cooking classes, events and seminars and a modern office block. Julia Fandler and the team of the Oil Mill are looking forward to welcoming guests, partners and customers in their new home.

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