Last week one of Germany’s most renowned three-Michelin-starred chefs, Thomas Bühner, presented a menu at his restaurant la vie in Osnabrück. The unusual thing about his menu was that he incorporated olive oil from Spain in every course, thus demonstrating not only his incomparable style and imagination, but also the distinct flavours of a variety of delicate and certainly delicious olive oils.

The event is part of an olive oil tour through 20 restaurants in Germany. Bühner, ambassador of olive oils from Spain in Germany, says:”The range and types of olive oil is unique in Spain. With more than 260 different varietieswe have an incredible range of aromas and flavours available that will help us to enhance the flavours of the other ingredients and to cook them gently and aromatically.”

Feast your eyes on Thomas Bühner’s creations, all combined with a variety of olive oil from Spain:

Carpaccio of smoked melon

Wild herbs, parmesan cream and olive oils from Spain (Picual)

Beetroot gazpacho

Oyster, saffron eel, wild herbs and olive oil from Spain (Picual)

Lukewarm cooked salmon

with fennel and olive oil from Spain (Hojiblanca)

Trout caviar

Breton red mullet

Artichoke to the power of three & mangetout and olive oil from Spain (Hojiblanca)


2x broccoli and yeast dumpling and olive oil from Spain (Hojiblanca)

Jabugo ham as stock

Sweet Snowball

Chilled goats milk, passion fruit, yuzu cream & lemon meringue and olive oil from Spain (Arbequina)

©,Melanie Bauer Photodesign