The culinary reunion of the month

09 Feb 2015
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This March the Traube Tonbach will be host to a first-class culinary event.

The prestigious hotel Traube Tonbach in Germany’s Black Forest will bring together the legendary chef and his former sous chef, , on 17 March for a world-class dinner. Bau, who has his own three-Michelin-star restaurant, worked together with the Grand Chef for almost five years from 1993 to 1998.

Together they will conjure up a six-course menu at restaurant Silberberg. Wohlfahrt will be preparing the main course, while Bau will be responsible for all other courses.

Stéphane Gass, the sommelier for the evening, will provide an exquisite choice of wines, complementing each course.

The event will include a stay for three nights with a comprehensive breakfast buffet every morning as well as a “delicious afternoon” where delicacies of the house will be offered.

Guests will be in for a treat as they explore the splendid nature of the Schwarzwald or, indeed, find some relaxation by the pool.