The Book Club

11 Aug 2014
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Get your hands on these inspirational books this summer, from FOUR’s USA Edition…
The Third Plate: Field Notes onthe Future of Food |$29.95

In his latest title, chef (Blue Hill and Blue Hill at StoneBarns, New York) aims to changethe way we eat by introducing awider variety of vegetables, grains,and meats to our diet. He says: “It’sa way of promoting a better andmore sustainable food system andhealthier lifestyle.”

Back Lane Wineries Napa Valley |$19.99

An updated guide of over 70 smalland undiscovered ‘back-lane’wineries and tasting rooms thatmake Napa one of the ultimatedestinations for any wine lover. Ifrevered world-class artisanal winesare your thing, then this is a mustreadfor you.

Revolutionary French Cooking |$29.95

Michelin star chef DanielGalmiche’s first book, FrenchBrasserie Cookbook, was hailedas a masterpiece of French homecookingwhen it first arrived onshelves in 2011. His latest titlesees him turn his hand to newwave modern French cooking.Think pineapple tarte tatin withchili and lemongrass and aforeword by the king of modern gastronomy, Heston Blumenthal.

Pick a Pickle:50 Recipes forPickles, Relishes,and FermentedSnacks |$14.95

James Beard award-winningchef, , brings picklelovers an illustratedguide of over 50 simple pickle, condiment and fermented recipes,such as spicy pickled peaches and his take on traditional kimchi,in a super-handy swatch-style book.

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