The big launch: Vetiver Imperiale

06 Jul 2015
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Jason Atherton today launched his latest venture, Vetiver Imperiale, in collaboration with FOUR magazine and Boadicea The Victorious

What happens when one of Harrods’ bestselling perfume brands, a multi-Michelin-starred chef and a luxury food magazine cross paths? The result is Vetiver Imperiale, a niche fragrance and collaboration between FOUR magazine, Boadicea The Victorious and Jason Atherton, which launched today at an exclusive breakfast at Pollen Street Social restaurant, London.

“When FOUR first approached me to work on a fragrance I was surprised. My first thought was, ‘I’m a chef, what do I know about fragrances?’ But when Antioco [Piras, co-founder of FOUR magazine] explained the concept to me, I instantly knew I wanted to be involved,” Jason said this morning.

As the creative director, Jason turned to memories from growing up in Lincolnshire, England, some of his favourite ingredients and inspiration from his time spent in Dubai, where he met his wife, Irha, to select notes for Vetiver Imperiale. Incorporating the citrusy crispness of vetiver and bergamot, deep notes of Atlas cedarwood, amber and black, white and pink pepper to define the new fragrance, he says: “I wanted to express the very best elements of what I love in both food and my favourite places through a luxury fragrance. It is incredible how accurately these have been captured in Vetiver Imperiale.”

Tucking into a breakfast of poached Yorkshire rhubarb, yoghurt and cardamom foam and granola, followed by a combination of Jasmine-tea smoked salmon, bergamot crème fraîche, apple and fennel and chicken liver pâté, pink peppercorns and brioche, paired with a breakfast cocktail, each dish was carefully created to reflect this bold new fragrance.

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Vetiver Imperiale can be purchased or at Boadicea the Victorious in the Harrods Perfumery in Knightsbridge from mid-July, and at other leading perfume stores internationally later this year. £245 for 100ml.

Photography by Nicolas Buisson.