19 Sep 2015
2 min read
Berlin-based luxury food store, TASTE & STORIES, strongly celebrates a time where food was simply produced by using the best ingredients from local producers, in the most organic way. Through their new online shop, these delicious speciality goods can now be on your kitchen table allowing you to try the true taste & story of fine quality produce.

From the beginning of civilization humans have tried to improve things, make necessary elements of life more efficient. Getting the most out of every last square inch of soil has probably been one of the most important duties of every emperor in the last 10.000 years.

From the early beginnings of civilizations in Egypt and Mesopotamia, our skills to transform animals or plants to our benefit have developed tremendously. For example, genetic engineering gives us the option to modify nature in a way we never seen before. Nowadays we can quickly modify vegetables, fruit or animals to grow faster, look more attractive, or taste in a certain way.

As result, we have an excess of produce and tend to throw away 50 % of it. All the while we forget how fresh milk, tomatoes, or olive oil should really taste. This is where TASTE & STORIES starts its concept. Searching for great TASTES and the STORIES behind it, like the best Parmigiano Reggiano Parmesan cheese. Everyone knows Parmesan. Parmesan is now available in almost every supermarket so it no longer seems like a special product, but when we go to the #2 World’s Best Restaurant, Osteria Francescana in Modena (Italy), and visit 3 star chef, Massimo Bottura, we start realize how great parmesan really is.

His idea of using the basic things he was brought up around in his own kitchen, whilst creating something new, inspired TASTE & STORIES to shine the spotlight on Parmesan once again. However this time we tell the story behind it: the story of the white cows known as the Vaccha Bianca Modenese. Once upon a time, more than 200.000 of these cows were used to produce milk for Parmigiano around the Modena Region. A couple of years ago, it was recorded that there were just 800 left. Thanks to Slow Food Organisation the cows were saved from extinction. The Vaccha Bianca from Modena give just a third of the amount of milk that modern Frisian cows can give, but the quality is much greater and ideal for making parmesan cheese.

TASTE & STORIES offers this sublime Parmesan cheese made from pure Vaccha Bianca milk, along with other fine quality goods such as Avola almonds, and award-winning olive oil on tasteandstories.com. The Berlin-based Start Up searches for artisanal products you can’t find in classic deli stores or in organic supermarkets. The online shop has made a promise to only sell things with great TASTE. Sustainability or organic certification is part of its taste ethos. The most important idea surrounding the food sold at TASTE&STORIES is to take a step back to a time where food production was not transformed in an industry.

Find out more about TASTE & STORIES products, ethos and projects here |www.tasteandstories.com