Tableware that Inspires: Fine2Dine Launches New Tabletop Treasures

14 Apr 2021
4 min read
Embracing the essence of dining, Belgian brand Fine2Dine creates beautiful tableware designed to enhance the presentation of any dish. Inspiring chefs, home cooks and avid entertainers alike, its tabletop treasures turn food into fine art.

Established in 2016 in Belgium, Fine2Dine has grown from strength to strength in the last five years. Found on the tabletops of top chefs and available in more than 40 countries around the globe, its beautiful tableware continues to intrigue and inspire at every turn.

A style- and time-based brand that evolves rapidly and responds to the latest creative trends and innovations in the market, Fine2Dine holds ingenuity and quality in high regard. With its latest collection, the brand hopes to capture the attention of chefs, cooks and foodies, inspiring their thoughts about dish presentation. Without their influence, an ingredient is nothing more than a suggestion – and it’s with their creativity that ingredients are transformed into successful recipes that distinguish culinary experiences from bland nourishment.

Offering hotels, restaurants and homeowners the opportunity to be creative and easily mix-and-match food, ambience and presentation, Fine2Dine’s extensive collection of tableware includes a style for every setting. Most of the ranges are finished by hand using a reactive glaze, which results in unique, subtle differences between each piece. Items in the same family still bear design similarities – but with random patterns and colour variations, each item has a distinctive character.

Made from robust and durable porcelain – and carrying a two-year edge-chip warranty – Fine2Dine’s tableware is both practical and aesthetically intriguing. The more delicate glass ranges are equally stunning, designed to bring delight to every dining occasion.

Several ranges take inspiration from nature, paying tribute to the beauty found in the environment. There’s Atlas, a blue-hued bouquet of plates, bowls and cups that reflects the silhouettes of nature. And Croco, a seductive selection of crockery alive with the texture of crocodile skin. Volta, meanwhile, is a striking collection of porcelainware lacquered in an explosion of pastel tones akin to those of the northern lights.

Nature isn’t the brand’s only muse though – some of the collections are an ode to special regions and cultures, such as Brass, which found its inspiration in the Middle East. Made from durable high-quality porcelain and featuring a robust oriental design that’s finished with a metallic look and hammered texture, Brass is the perfect match for fresh, flavorful food. Every piece has subtle nuances in finishing and is therefore unique.

Also inspired by Asia, the Black Dusk collection – which includes unique and contemporary tableware shapes – is characterised by its textured surface with a satin black finish. Every item of this timeless porcelain tableware collection is scratch-free, durable and hard-wearing. Similarly, the Speckled Dusk porcelain tableware collection is a homage to Asia, and beholds a stunning, delicate speckled design present on the rims of the items. Heading further east, the robust Usko collection is a celebration of the Mediterranean, awash with soft shades of olive, grey and brown.

Fine2Dine’s selection of tableware also spans the spectrum of urban to rustic. Glister is a sparkling eye-catcher, with all products made of stoneware containing shiny golden crystals that lend a luxurious touch to each item. Meanwhile, Escura is the epitome of countryside chic, with its dark-brown palette and thick, high-quality porcelain structure. Big, bold and bulky, the Valet collection takes the homely buffet experience to a whole new level, combining an earthy and rustic look with strong colouring to guarantee an unforgettable serving experience.

The character-filled Munduk pieces bring a special sense of comfort to the table too. Chip-resistant and easily stackable courtesy of the upstanding rim, these plates are as practical as they are beautiful. Perfectly suited to serve any kind of cuisine, the collection’s dark green swirls will emmerse diners in the mystic world of tableware. There is also a grey variant, which is a steadfast option for every dining facility. 

For those who prefer the more daring choices, Cobalt Oxido, Emerald Oxido, Nova and Midnight Dusk will add exuberance to any table. The deep blue and deep green reactive glaze of Cobalt Oxido and Emerald Oxido respectively bare a striking glossy and silky-smooth semblance that makes every meal feel special. Constructed from strong porcelain, all the items in the Oxido collections – including Black Oxido and Rusty Oxido – are perfect for more intense use.

Akin to an artist’s paining, the Nova poreclain tableware stands out thanks to its standalone blue and brown shades, with each product bearing a slightly different appearance. The attention-grabbing Midnight Dusk range also showcases beautiful blue tones, which reflect a cosmic look. The subtly cratered surface gives these bowls and plates a mysterious feel, while its strong procelain structure ensures its durability.

If simple is more your style, then the straighforward Structo collection is your idyllic tabletop match. Finding its inspiration in the building and architecture industry, this set of plates, bowls, serving platters, cups and saucers possess solid bases, strong structures and stackable shapes. All products are made from durable porcelain based on a gray clay formula, which results in beautiful soft shades of brown.

In the same thread, the beauty of the speckled Royal series lies within its simplicity. Soft curves and round shapes accentuate the minimalist design. The sophisticated details are found in the dark color pattern where the subtle tone contrasts make each product slightly different and unique. Suitable for both fancy dinner parties and everyday eating, the deep hue offers a great contrast for colorful vegetables and exotic fruits, making every dish look like a piece of art.

Timelessly elegant tableware always has a place in haute cuisine venues and the home, and Fine2Dine perfectly caters to both with its tasteful White Ceres set. With a matte and glossy finishing, this porcelain crockery is characterised by a robust simplistic design with a variety of different shapes that match almost any dish.

With its creamy green tones, a matte reactive glaze and a beautiful hand drawn striped texture, Aurora perfectly serves the refined classic look. This porcelain dinner set is graceful and elegant, but with a texture that really pops. Finished by hand, no two pieces are alike, thanks to their glazing process.

The Optic, Crackle, Vista and Kolon glassware each present a unique offering. Optic has classy, graciously shaped arcs that are met with a modish, embossed twist. The refined Vista glasses are defined by soft round curves and a subtly waved design, which make them ideal for both everyday use as well as for special occasions. Crackle and Colon come in a stylish array of long-wearing colours, and each features individual textured characteristics.

To give the dining table a true edge, complete the look with the avant-garde Revive cutlery that combines sleek, wavy lines and cheeky shapes to create an aesthetic sensation.

To find out more, visit Fine2Dine’s website, email them or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You can also view the full catalogue of products here.


Images court esy Fine2Dine.